About Lincoln University

Photo of Ivey Hall with a famous Canterbury Nor-WesterLincoln University is one of eight government universities in New Zealand, with a history stretching back more than a hundred and twenty five years.

The University is less than twenty five minutes from Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island. It has an established campus noted for its space and the quality of the environment.

The 58 hectare campus houses modern teaching spaces, an excellent library and campus facilities, and accommodation for approximately 650 students during the university year.


World Renowned

The University continues to achieve international recognition for its teaching and research activities. It is renowned for its entrepreneurship, relevance and as a catalyst for new and diverse approaches to stimulate the development and transfer of knowledge. The University fosters alliances with the users of research information both nationally and internationally and has established a number of significant alliances with other research organisations.


Moving Forward

Photo of a postgrad holding a GPSThe University has undergone a number of changes during its lifetime and moves into the 21 st Century with a strong market approach to its core business.

Key strategic themes have been identified to enhance performance and effectiveness.

Revised capabilities, skills and programme relationships will ensure the University continues to offer teaching programmes and research activities that are relevant to the changing needs of the University's communities.


How the University Operates

Lincoln is governed by a Council which is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of the University and ensuring that all statutory requirements are met.

The Council appoints the Vice-Chancellor who as the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the managing the key activities of the University through delegations to senior managers.

The faculties of the University are:

Staff from the University's three academic faculties deliver teaching and research.

Responsibility for the University's commercial trading activities is delegated to Lincoln University Holdings Ltd.


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