University structure and staff

lincoln landscapeLincoln University is governed by a Council which is responsible for the strategic direction and performance of the University and ensuring all statutory requirements are met.

The Council appoints the Vice-Chancellor who as the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the management and performance of the University. The Vice-Chancellor manages the key activities of the University through delegations to senior managers.

The delivery of academic programmes is the responsibility of the University's four Divisions which are responsible for educational outcomes and outputs, including teaching and research capability.

The Faculties develop and deliver courses to students and undertake research.

In addition to the Academic Divisions, the Foundation Studies and English Language Centre offers those who don't have a tertiary entrance qualification the opportunity to study at Lincoln University. Also available is the Certificate in English for Academic Purposes (CEAP) Certificate in English for Academic Purposes (CEAP) which is designed for students wanting to study English with an academic focus and also meet the university's English Language Requirements.

The commercial business of the University is overseen by Lincoln University Holdings Limited , a wholly owned University company. This includes some of student services such as the Halls of Residence and Recreation Centre, as well as a commercial research and consulting business.

The Research and Commercialisation Office delivers excellence and relevance in research for the sustainable management of national resources to enhance social, environmental and economic viability.

LincolnConnect supports the work of Lincoln University by connecting Lincoln to the world, and the world to Lincoln. Working with others across the University, the LincolnConnect team is involved in liaison with prospective students, across New Zealand and internationally; international strategy and relationships; marketing and brand management; communications and public relations; alumni relations and development; and business development activities that connect Lincoln's research and other capabilities with industry.


Page last updated on: 15/08/2013