Landscape and memory

Maya Lin

Vietnam Veterans War Memorial, Washington DC. Image: S. EgozMaya Lin draws inspiration for her sculpture and architecture from a variety of different cultures. She is of Chinese-American descent and first gained recognition for her most famous work, the “Vietnam Veterans War Memorial” when as a young student she won a national competition for the memorial to be built in Washington, D.C.. Maya Lin’s memorials inspire people to become involved with the meaning behind her designs – that is, they become tactile experiences that engage the senses of sight, sound and touch. Other work includes her “Wave Field” at the University of Michigan and “Eclipstic Ice Rink” in Grand Rapids, also in Michigan.


Boundaries - Maya Lin (L)
Bronx ecology: blueprint for a new environmentalism - A. Hershkowitz (L & C)
Artists: from Michelangelo to Maya Lin - G. Aimee Ergas (C)
Concrete design - Sarah Gaventa (C)

Maya Lin: A strong clear vision (1994) (A)

Valley of the Destroyed Communities

Yad VaShem in Jerusalem, Israel. Image: S. Egoz, 2005The Valley of Destroyed Communities is a major part of the Yad Vashem complex . Peter Boiger is a sculptor who collaborated with Dan Zur, an Israeli landscape architect to create a maze environment of stone, which commemorates the Jewish communities of Europe who were destroyed by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

Critical regionalism: architecture and identity in a globalised world - L. Le  Lefaivre & A. Tzonis (L)

University of Minnesota - Peter Boiger

Valley of the Destroyed Communities by Shelly Egoz (PDF 1 MB)

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