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Find out more about the functions and duties carried out by the Council.


Find out more about the functions and duties carried out by the Council.

Functions and duties

The Council’s functions include:

  1. to determine the policies of the University in relation to the management of its affairs; and
  2. to undertake planning relating to the University’s long-term strategic direction.

The Council’s duties include:

  1. to strive to ensure that the institution attains the highest standards of excellence in education, training, and research;
  2. to acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi;
  3. to encourage the greatest possible participation by the communities served by the institution so as to maximise the educational potential of all members of those communities with particular emphasis on those groups in those communities that are under-represented among the students of the institution;
  4. to ensure that the institution does not discriminate unfairly against any person;
  5. to ensure that the institution operates in a financially responsible manner that ensures the efficient use of resources and maintains the institution’s long-term viability;
  6. to ensure that proper standards of integrity, conduct, and concern for—
    (i)   the public interest; and
    (ii)  the well-being of students attending the institution—
    are maintained.  

Council members

The Council is chaired by the Chancellor, Steve Smith. In the absence of the Chancellor, the Pro-Chancellor deputises. The current members are listed below, with the year in which their current term ends noted in brackets.
Four persons appointed by the Minister of Education
* Bruce Gemmell (Pro-Chancellor), BBS (Massey), CA (2019)
* Sir Graeme T Harrison, KNZM, BA, MA (Hons), (Cant), DCom (Linc) (2019)
* Andrew Macfarlane, BAgrSc (Linc), MNZIPIM (2018)
* Janice Fredric, BCom (Cant), MBA (Dist) (Massey), CA, CMinstD, FNZIMS (2021)
* Professor James McWha AO, BSc, BAgr(Hons) (Queen's University of Belfast), PhD (Glasgow), PhD ad eundum gradum (Adelaide), DSc honoris causa (Massey), DUniv honoris causa (Adelaide)
One member elected by the Academic Staff
* Carol Smith, BSc(Hons) (Portsmouth), MSc (Reading), PhD (Aberdeen), FRGS (2022)
One member elected by the General Staff
* Paula Morrison, BA (Auck) (2021)
One student
* James Ranstead, BSc (Linc) (2018)
One member appointed after nomination by Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu
* Puamiria Parata-Goodall, BA (Cant), B Māori Performing Arts (Te Awanuiarangi) (2019)
Three members appointed by the Council
* Steve Smith (Chancellor), Advanced Dip. Field Tech. (Distinction) (Linc), MW (Inst. of Wine, London) (2020)
* Vacancy 
* Vacancy

Council meetings for 2018

The dates for Council meetings in 2018 are as follows:
* 27 February
* 26 March
* 13 April - Graduation
* 1 May
* 29 May
* 26 June
* 31 July
* 14 August (special)
* 21 August
* 25 September
* 23 October
* 27 November
* 18 December

Council agenda, papers and minutes

The Council papers available below are from the public session of each Council meeting.
2018 Agenda papers Minutes
27 February Agenda (PDF 3MB) Minutes (PDF 300KB)
26 March Agenda (PDF 3MB) Minutes (PDF 300KB)
1 May Agenda (PDF 4MB) Minutes (PDF 300KB)
29 May Agenda (PDF 2MB) Minutes (PDF 300KB)
26 June Agenda (PDF 4MB) Minutes (PDF 400KB)
31 July Agenda (PDF 2MB) Minutes (PDF 200KB)
14 August Agenda (PDF 1MB) Minutes (PDF 100KB)
21 August Agenda (PDF 2MB) Minutes (PDF 150KB)
25 September Agenda (PDF 2 MB)
23 October
27 November
18 December
2017 Agenda papers Minutes
31 January Agenda (PDF 1MB) Minutes (PDF 211KB)
28 February Agenda (PDF 5MB) Minutes (PDF 245KB)
28 March Agenda (PDF 2MB) Minutes (PDF 246KB)
30 May Agenda (PDF 2MB) Minutes (PDF 271KB)
27 June Agenda (PDF 1MB) Minutes (PDF 277KB)
25 July Agenda (PDF 8MB) Minutes (PDF 315KB)
29 August Agenda (PDF 4MB) Minutes (PDF 307KB)
26 September Agenda (PDF 3MB) Minutes (PDF 266KB)
31 October Agenda (PDF 4MB) Minutes (PDF 306KB)
21 November Agenda (PDF 3MB) Minutes (PDF 288KB)
12 December Agenda (PDF 2MB) Minutes (PDF 305KB)

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