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Degrees + Entry

SoLA offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes to suit all skill levels and abilities.

Degrees + Entry

SoLA offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programmes to suit all skill levels and abilities.

Programme Entry: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Our graduates are employed all over the world because of their strength in design and planning. Our students think creatively, and gain real-world experience during their study. You will join a dedicated and enthusiastic team of students and staff committed to excellence in design.
The BLA degree is your chance to set a foundation in all aspects of landscape architecture, urban ecology, resilient landscape design, sustainable communities, structure planning, urban landscapes and indigenous Māori landscape design.
You will study in the longest established school in New Zealand, staffed by internationally-acclaimed academics and accredited by the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (NZILA). This means graduates are eligible to become registered professionals highly sought after within New Zealand, Australia, Asia and internationally.
If you’re looking for a change in your career path, Lincoln provides the only opportunity in New Zealand for degree holders to fast-track their BLA studies.

Graduate Programme: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape is the meeting point of many different disciplines and skills. We welcome degree-programme graduates to enrol in our accelerated graduate programme.
In the first two semesters, you take key landscape courses from across our first, second and third year undergraduate programme.
There’s also the opportunity to undertake elective study including preparation courses covering graphic and design skills. This is held in the Summer School directly before the programme begins.
In the second year of the BLA graduate programme, you will focus on strategic thinking, specific technical skills, and concept development and combine these into cohesive design solutions. This year also focuses on professional practice, which prepares you for your next step into the industry.
There’s also the opportunity to bridge into the Master’s programme at the end of your first year of graduate programme study. Graduate-entry students have a level of maturity and work experience that brings valuable skills and knowledge into the programme. Both the BLA grad entry and the professional MLA are NZILA accredited programmes.

Graduate Programme: Master of Landscape Architecture

After completing the same courses in the first year of the BLA Grad-entry programme you can transfer to the professional MLA (providing that the relevant requirements are met).
In the MLA, you will develop expertise through advanced courses on theoretical issues and professional applications tailored to becoming a landscape architect.
You will also produce a design-led thesis that allows closer examination of an area of personal and professional interest, and develop a design portfolio meeting the NZILA accreditation requirements.
If you have you already got an accredited BLA Honours Degree you can enter directly into the final year of the MLA programme. There is a choice of studying by thesis or through a selection of courses that cover advanced issues in the field of landscape architecture.

Postgraduate: PhD

SoLA is this country’s leading research institution in landscape architecture, and you can be a part by taking the opportunity to go deeper into a research question. Over three years you’ll work alongside your supervisors to develop a substantial research project.
A PhD is an ideal pathway into both the academic world and applied research work in the industry. It is a valuable qualification for a research career and for fields where research skills, independent investigation and a passion for knowledge are important.
Recent PhD theses at SOLA include:
• Urban green space planning in Beijing
• Design for tourist experiences in small towns
• Urban comfort in relation to microclimate
• Design for wilderness
• Memorial landscapes
Your PhD will be supported by one of our experienced academic staff. Our staff page shows the research interests of potential supervisors.



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