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Frequently asked questions

Please find below some frequently asked questions regarding the Refreshing Lincoln project.

What is Refreshing Lincoln?
Refreshing Lincoln has two parts: fitness and transformation. Fitness is the immediate actions being taken to improve organisation culture and performance – positioning the University for sustainability and growth. Transformation is about finding economies of scale and scope through partnering with others.
How will the University implement those components?
Work streams are focussing on particular areas or projects, including blended learning, the internal economy, the 10 year financial model, asset ownership and review of academic programmes.
What were the outcomes of the EY report and will we see the EY report?
The EY report suggested a range of options from closing the doors through to possible merger or takeover by another tertiary institution. The report did not recommend a future course of action. This is where the Refreshing Lincoln project comes into play. The report was jointly commissioned by TEC and Lincoln. It may be released to the public at an appropriate juncture.
What assets is the University looking at selling?
Lincoln has valuable assets on its balance sheet (including subsidiaries and joint ventures) and we are reviewing these to ensure we get the best return on our investment. This work is in progress.
What risk analysis has been completed with regards to the budget cuts that are being made?
Budget managers are involved in the process to ensure that the impact of budget cuts is understood.

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