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Submissions | Lincoln University

Below is a list of the submissions we have received.

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Below is a list of the submissions we have received.

Date Name First part email @ Second part email Association with Lincoln (if any) Submission
18 Oct 2016 Professor Clive Smallman clive.smallman @ Professor of Business Management at Lincoln from 2003-2011; my wife, Dr Maria Haropoulou holds a PhD in Commerce from Lincoln; many friends still work at Lincoln Submission (pdf 121kb)
28 Sept 2016 David Simmons david.simmons @ Professor of Tourism, Faculty of Environment , Society and Design
Principal Research Strategist
Lincoln Research and Innovation
Submission (pdf 515kb)
14 Sept 2016 Roy Montgomery roy.montgomery @ Head of Department of Environmental Management Submission (pdf 209kb)
5 Sept 2016 Professor Jenny Webster-Brown jenny.webster-brown @ Submission (pdf 154kb)
31 Aug 2016 Ian Spellerberg ian.spellerberg @ Emeritus Professor of Nature Conservation, Director of Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation, Environment Society & Design Submission (pdf 287kb)
27 Aug 2016 Robin Williams addinfoservice @ Submission (pdf 103kb) 
25 Aug 2016 Dr Thomas Wilson & Prof Tim Davies thomas.wilson
Submission (pdf 120kb)
22 Aug 2016 Peter Nuthall peter.nuthall @ Honorary Associate Professor Submission (pdf 190kb)

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