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We Are Changing

We're moving towards a more collaborative way of working. This is to ensure that the University can deliver as effectively as possible to the pressing future needs of New Zealand's economy and environment.

Transformation Board
The University Council recently engaged an independent Transformation Board, led by Sir Maarten Wevers, to review our current state, and strategic direction and to help redefine a vision for Lincoln University’s future.
Transformation Board Report
Transformation Board Media Release
The Transformation Board Report sets out an ambitious vision for Lincoln University to become a globally ranked top five university in agriculture, and a top five New Zealand university.
The report identifies a strong future for the University, working collaboratively with Crown Research Institutes, industry bodies and other universities, both here and overseas to deliver better outcomes in land, food and eco-systems in the future.
We encourage you to read this report, which is a ringing endorsement of Lincoln University’s role in the national economy, and a reinforcement of how the University is critical to delivering better outcomes in the primary sector.
Sir Maarten and his Board, assisted by three international advisory panel members, identify five strategic themes to be addressed by the University Council and Management as we expand and accelerate the Refreshing Lincoln initiatives.
The five themes and associated recommendations provide the Council and our Leadership team robust guidance as we as work through the priorities to realising the opportunities identified.
We are excited about the future for Lincoln University, which we see as charting a new delivery model for tertiary education in New Zealand, offering many significant benefits for our staff and students, our current and future partners, and New Zealand’s land-based sector as a whole.
Refreshing Lincoln

Refreshing Lincoln is a multi-layered programme that uses a continuous improvement approach to position the University for sustainability and growth.
It aims to enhance our organisational culture, improve our financial performance, and ensure our academic offerings are up-to-date and capable of delivering graduate employment opportunities and sustainable business outcomes.

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