Brochures and Publications

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Brochures and Publications

Our brochures provide an overview of our programmes, courses, facilities and support services.

2017 and 2018 study options

Looking to study at Lincoln in 2017 or 2018?
Below are our publications to help you find and make the right study options.
Your Future at Lincoln University (PDF 4MB)
Summary of what we have on offer at Lincoln.

Undergraduate Prospectus (PDF 11MB)
Here you will find information you need to know to do an undergraduate programme at Lincoln in 2018.
Postgraduate Prospectus (PDF 7MB)
Find out about our faculties, research centres and partnerships, and our postgraduate programmes.
Taught Masters Prospectus (PDF 5MB)
Find out about all the taught Masters' programmes we offer.
Certificates and Diplomas Prospectus (PDF 7MB)
Find out about all our certificates and diplomas delivered on our two campuses.
International Prospectus (PDF 13MB)
All you need to know about your study options at Lincoln, before you leave home.
Study Planning Guide - undergraduate information only (PDF 2MB)
Find all the information you need to help organise your undergraduate programme of study.


Careers for Change

If you're are interested in a particular subject, but not sure what qualification covers your area of interest, then look no further.
Our Careers for Changes books includes undergraduate programme overviews, graduate profiles and career examples.
Agriculture and Horticulture (PDF 4MB)
Primary production is at the foundation of our national economy. Seventy percent of New Zealand’s merchandise export revenue is from the primary sector – and that number is growing. Land-based sectors employ around 20% of the New Zealand workforce.
Business and Commerce (PDF 3MB)
Studying business and commerce at Lincoln opens up a world of opportunities in a range of industries, from food to fashion, agribusiness to supply chain management. Our business and commerce qualifications cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including agribusiness, accounting and finance, food and resource economics, IT, marketing, supply chain management and global business, production management, rural finance, valuation, agricultural management and property management.
Design and Technology (PDF 3MB)
Lincoln's design and technology qualifications address the key issues of protecting the future and living well. Landscape architecture and information technology are both disciplines that help to maintain and enhance our lives while balancing the demands of economies, societies and the environment.
Environment (PDF 4MB)
The world population is growing rapidly, with the prospect of reaching 10 billion by the middle of this century. At the same time that population is changing, with growing wealth and a burgeoning middle class in some of the world’s fastest developing countries. That evolving demand is putting greater pressure for resources on an already stretched environment – one that is being transformed through environmental concerns, such as urbanisation, resource depletion, loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution, and climate change.
Science (PDF 3MB)
A global population of approximately 9.2 billion people by 2050, combined with the effects of climate change, will result in a land, water and food security crisis. This is one of the key issues facing the global population in the near future. To address this issue, there is a continuous need for cutting-edge research to inform and upgrade industry knowledge.
Society, Tourism and Sport (PDF 3MB)
If you are interested in people and communities, Lincoln's qualifications are a great choice. Our people and society qualifications address the key issues of ‘protecting the future’ and ‘living well’. The disciplines of sport and recreation management, tourism management, land and property management, and Māori and indigenous studies play major roles in the wellbeing of New Zealand’s economy and its people.

Updated 20 December 2016



Our guides are here to help you and your family navigate your way through academic life and take advantage of specific opportunities.
landscape Accommodation (PDF 2MB)
An overview of our Te Waihora campus accommodation for future students.
landscape International Student (PDF 4MB)
Guide for future students who are planning to attend Lincoln currently not residing in New Zealand.
LincOE (PDF 1MB)
Overview of the LincOE programme for our current and future students.
landscape Parents (PDF 4MB)
A summary guide for parents whose children are considering Lincoln. It includes information to help your children through the decision making process.
landscape Scholarships (PDF 3MB)
We offer a wide-range of scholarships. This brochure provides an overview of our three flagship scholarships (Global Challenges, Sports and Future Leader). More information on scholarships can be obtained from the scholarship database.
landscape Study Abroad (PDF 2MB)
An overview of our Study Abroad programme.



Below are our corporate publications.
Annual Report (PDF 8MB)
Our annual report covers the University's financial and service performance over the past twelve months.
Archived Annual Reports
Calendar (PDF 2MB)
The statues and regulations for all Lincoln University courses of study are set out in the Calendar.
Archived Calenders
IndustryLinc (PDF 4MB)
A biannual publication that showcases some of our research and development for the land-based sector. We also catch up with alumni and fill you in on the latest important information.
Investment Plan (PDF 1MB)
Our goals and strategic focus for 2018-2020.
landscape Landforms (PDF 1MB)
Lincoln's alumni magazine which celebrates on-campus and off-campus.
Archived Landforms
Our Story (PDF 1MB)
A look at our history and future.
Strategic Plan (PDF 1MB)
The 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan covers the future environment, key strategic challenges and strategies for Lincoln University.
landscape Transform (PDF 4MB)
Our research profile highlighting some of the research programmes the University undertakes, on campus and beyond.
Stakeholder Briefing (PDF 4MB)
A brief summary of recent accolades and research.
Transformation Board Report (PDF 498KB)
Briefing for the Incoming Minister (PDF 1MB)


Need more information?

The Student Liaison team is here to offer advice and support to all future students. Contact them to find out why Lincoln and one of our specialist land-based qualifications is right for you.
You can get in touch by:
Freephone: 0800 10 60 10
Phone: +64 3 423 0000
or send us a message via our
contact us page.
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