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Environmental sustainability underpins all of our activities.

As New Zealand’s specialist land-based university, our mission to feed the world and live well combines with an aspiration to protect the future.
We recognise that healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms and that the economy is a subsystem of society within the bio-physical environment. There are limits within which human economies and societies must operate in order to function in a sustainable way. These limits are the constraints of the planet's natural systems.
Lincoln University (together with the University of Canterbury and Ara Institute of Canterbury) has acknowledged that environmental sustainability must occur within tertiary operations but also in research, education and extension activities.
Walking the Walk
The Sustainability Advisory Group for our Environment (SAGE) is responsible for ensuring that the University treads lightly on the earth.
The 2017 Environmental Sustainability Policy outlines Lincoln's commitment to act as an international leader (and the leading organisation in New Zealand) in promoting and achieving ecologically, socially and economically sustainable development. This commitment is aligned with our strategic direction and will be implemented by the entire University community, across all aspects of our activities: research, curricula, extension, building design, facilities management and operational practices, including all university properties and farms. 
In addition to SAGE, the student-run Lincoln Environmental Organisation (LEO) plays an important role in facilitating sustainability, with strong support from the Lincoln University Students' Association. Significant efforts have been made in energy conservation, water management and resource recovery.
We have a proud history as pioneers in sustainable activities. LEO was established in 1990 and three years later, the University Council adopted an Environmental Charter. This led to the publication of an Environmental Policy in 1993 (a first among New Zealand tertiary establishments). In 1999, the University agreed to establish an Environmental Task Force with the aim of implementing the Environmental Policy.
Everyone on campus can and should help with environmental sustainability, where even simple actions such as switching off unnecessary lights, only printing essential documents, using public transport or cycling to campus can make a real difference.
Want to know more?
Email the Sustainability Action Group for our Environment at or the Lincoln Environmental Organisation at

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