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Facilities and Services

Learn about all the accommodation services on offer.

Facilities and Services

Learn about all the accommodation services on offer.

Accommodation Team

The administration staff can help you with general enquiries, bookings and payments. You can find them in the Accommodation Office. The residential team are there to look after you and make sure you have a great university experience - they organise events, sports, activities, support and pastoral care.


If you are staying in a hall or flat, we'll provide you with a bedding pack that includes a mattress protector, pillow, sheets, pillowcase, duvet cover and inner, towel and bathmat.

Campus security

We want you to feel safe and secure living on campus so our team carry out regular patrols 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every bedroom is lockable and all the halls have controlled entry and camera systems. Plus, Residential Assistants live on site and work with the night staff to provide a safe environment.


Shared spaces in the halls are cleaned twice weekly by our friendly team and fortnightly in the self-catered flats. You are responsible for cleaning your own room. Cleaning equipment is available in the halls and flats.

Dining Hall (Te Keta Ika building)

If you’re living in catered accommodation, you'll enjoy buffet-style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s always plenty of choice and the weekend brunches are legendary. They cater for many special dietary requirements. If you live in the flats you can still pay individually for meals if you need a night off cooking.


It’s important to consider insurance to cover your personal possessions. Talk to your insurance company to get a price.


The halls and flats have a free wireless network. You get 200GB of free data per semester and more data can be purchased at the Accommodation Office for a reasonable price.


Mail and parcels are delivered to the University every week day; all Halls residents have mailboxes allocated according to surname. The mailboxes are at the Accommodation Office, and can be accessed Monday to Friday.


Parking on campus is free and there are lots of car parks especially for student residents. Only registered vehicles can use the halls’ car park areas. Just register your vehicle at the beginning of the year and you’re sorted.

Payment options

Coming up with a lump sum payment can be a challenge, so there are several payment options which can be selected at the time you accept the placement offer.

Residential Assistants (RAs)

At least one Residential Assistant (known as an RA) lives in each hall and unit.

RAs are full-time, experienced Lincoln students trained in first aid, listening skills and cultural sensitivity. They have an extensive knowledge of the halls and university life and are responsible for looking out for your physical, academic and emotional wellbeing, as well as organising a host of sporting and social events.

If you need help, we recommend that you go to your RA first. They're are available 24/7.

Social programme

Being part of the community that lives on campus is a unique experience. You will make lifelong friends and have the time of your life. The dedicated team will plan a year’s worth of activities, from themed parties to inter-hall sports competitions. The Students’ Association (LUSA) also organises events and coordinates clubs and sports groups to keep you busy throughout the year.

Student Health and Support

The Student Health and Support Team are located in the Hudson Building, so you'll have access to doctors, nurses, counselling services, support for illnesses, disabilities or injuries and an international support advisor. If you become ill or have an accident, support staff are available in the Halls of Residence to help you get to emergency medical care and first aid. Meals can also be arranged to be taken to a sick person in their room.

Your room

Every room in the halls and flats has a single bed, desk and storage facilities. Students are responsible for their own laundry and keeping their rooms tidy. Communal areas are cleaned by our housekeeping team on a regular basis.
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