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How to Apply

All you need to know about applying to study at Lincoln.

There are a few steps you need to take to enrol at Lincoln University once you have decided on the qualification that is right for you – starting with an application to study.  

People often talk about a student enrolling at university like its one step, but in fact there are a number of stages in the ‘enrolment’ process – and only one of them is actually called enrolment.  Luckily they are easy steps and you can contact us  at any point for clarification or assistance.   

Step 1 – Choose Lincoln (good decision!)

The first step to starting your study at Lincoln is to choose the right qualification for you.  You can do this by:

  • Checking out the qualification pages on this website
  • Contacting the Student Liaison team at the University
  • If you’re at high school, talk to your Careers Advisor
  • Attend Open Day or meet the team at the big careers fairs around the country
  • Contact the University by email or phone to be put in touch with the right person to help you.

Step 2 - Apply

Once you know what qualification path is right for you, you can apply to study at Lincoln. Apply any time, even if you don’t yet have the final results your need to enter your chosen qualification. You can apply online right now. You will need to create an account in our ‘MyLinc’ system. This will enable you to come back later to complete your application to study, apply for accommodation and/or a scholarship – and to accept any offer we make you.

Step 3 – Track your application

Once your application has been received through the MyLinc system you’ll be able to track its progress, view any offers, and accept your offer in the system. 

Step 4 – Accept your offer

Remember to check your email for our admission letter.  Once you receive an offer from us, you can accept this through your MyLinc account. Your acceptance will be recorded in the Lincoln University Campus Administration System, known on campus as LUCAS (you'll learn a lot more about what LUCAS can do for you once you are a student). You will be sent instructions to access your information in LUCAS.  A running To Do list is held for you in LUCAS.   .

Step 5 – Enrol

When you have accepted your offer, LUCAS will update your To Do list with a new item: Enrol. After 1 October each year you can select the individual courses you want to study, and enrol in them. You’ll do this each year that you are at Lincoln.  Every year of your degree/qualification you will enrol in a number of courses – some of which are compulsory and some you can choose. The number of each depends upon the qualification you have chosen.  Have a look back at the qualification pages to double check.

Step 6 – Clear your To Do List

It is important to provide all the documentation as requested by the University in your To Do list in your Student Centre on LUCAS. This includes enrolling in classes, checking information we hold about you, editting it as required, and telling us how you will pay your fees.

Step 7 – Submit your Enrolment

This is the final step.  Once your To Do list is clear,you can submit your enrolment to finish. You’ll then receive information about your student ID card, student email address and access to the student network.  And you are ready to join Lincoln.

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