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Student-athlete personal fundamentals

As you are supported by Lincoln University during the Sports Scholarship Programme, your personal development will be key to your success.

The programme will help you to develop the communication skills, integrity, grit and accountability necessary for excellent sporting and academic performance.
This starts with you, but a unified approach is used to help you to form networks that will assist your progress. Effective communication with those that support YOU is essential. You will develop connections with:
• Lincoln University staff and your Sporting Code Manager
• Your teammates, fellow sports scholars and LUSport
• The wider community, including family and friends
As a high-achieving student-athlete you need to be:
• Honest and consistent of character
• Intent on living by the motto ‘Great people, great community’
• Committed to living the words you speak
• Prepared to put in 100% effort 100% of the time
• Consistent in your preparation, training and performance
Grit is essential for success. You will cultivate:
• A hardworking attitude and the ability to overcome obstacles
• Perseverance, commitment and the ambition needed for reaching goals
• Dedication, determination and discipline
• An attitude that is open and willing to learn
Accountability is an essential component of long-term success. You will learn to:
• Take responsibility for what you have control over, be self-empowered and reliable
• Be organised so that you can complete all aspects of study, training, organisation of work and social life
• Be accountable to yourself, your team and your staff

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