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The Lincoln University Sports Scholarship Programme is designed to balance sporting success with academic achievement, in order to educate and develop successful student-athletes.

The well-rounded programme aims to develop scholars’ physical, intellectual and personal performance.
Athlete evolution
Your evolution during the programme will involve:
* High-level sports performance
* Academic achievement
* Developing focused effort and controlled attention
* Attaining emotional and physical well-being.
Lincoln University performance fundamentals
To help you evolve into a successful student-athlete, the Lincoln University Sports Scholarship Programme will provide structure, superior academic instruction, skill acquisition and support services.
Student-Athlete personal fundamentals
With assistance from Lincoln University, you will develop strong connections with the sporting fraternity.  Discipline, self-reliance, integrity and grit will become part of your everyday life as you work towards your goals and ambitions while studying at Lincoln.
The programme monitors you in three different areas: academic results, athletic progress reports and sport-specific codes.


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