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Educating athletes

Balance your sporting success with academic achievement.

Educating athletes

Balance your sporting success with academic achievement.


Sports scholarships are designed to balance sporting success with academic achievement, to educate and develop successful student-athletes. Our well-rounded programme aims to develop your physical, intellectual and personal performance. 

Athlete evolution

Your evolution during the programme will involve:
* High-level sports performance
* Academic achievement
* Developing focused effort and controlled attention
* Attaining emotional and physical well-being.

Performance fundamentals

To help you evolve into a successful student-athlete, the prorgamme provides structure, superior academic instruction, skill acquisition and support services. View the performance fundamentals.

Personal fundamentals

With assistance from the programme, you will develop strong connections with the sporting fraternity.  Discipline, self-reliance, integrity and grit will become part of your everyday life as you work towards your goals and ambitions while studying at Lincoln. View the personal fundamentals.
The programme monitors you in three different areas: academic results, athletic progress reports and sport-specific codes.

Performance fundamentals

The sports scholarship programme's performance fundamentals combine athletic structure, academic instruction, skill acquisition and support services to assist your development as a successful student-athlete.


The athletic programme is structured around three key areas: strength and conditioning, developing an ideal athlete mind-space and having good nutrition.
Strength and conditioning
You will be primed for exceptional physical performance with:
* Physical evaluation and testing
* Fundamental movement patterns and injury prevention
* A progressive method of athletic development
* An integrated sports-specific approach
Athlete mind-space
You will develop an ideal mind-space for high-level athletic and academic performance by learning how to:
* Balance your academic and athletic pursuits
* Set goals and stay organised
* Operate under pressure
* Work as part of a team
* Control your attention.
Note: This part of the programme includes presentations and one-on-one meetings.
You will develop a nutritious eating plan by:
* Learning the fundamentals of organisation and choices when it comes to eating
* Assessing your body composition goals and receiving food plans accordingly
* Individualising your performance plan for training and competitions
* Participating in cooking classes and supermarket shopping
Note: This part of the programme includes presentations and one-on-one meetings.

Academic achievement

To help you reach a high academic standard while also developing your sporting skills, the scholarship programme provides: 
* Pastoral care and mentoring
* Scholarships office administration services
* Support from academic supervisors
* Library, Teaching and Learning support
* Practical work coordination
* Course planning and advice.

Skill acquisition

The Lincoln University Sports Scholarship Programme can help you acquire specific skills that will be invaluable as you plan your future.
The programme provides: 
* Sports-specific skill development from sporting partners
* Individual performance planning (IPP)
* Future professional pathways 
* Membership in the Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network, developed by High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ).

Support services

A range of support services will be available to you as part of the Lincoln University Sports Scholarship Programme. As a Lincoln University sports scholar, you will have access to: 
* A complete athlete management system
* Sports medicine and physiotherapy
* A careers advisor
* LU Club coaches and managers
* Accommodation options
* The Health Centre
* The Recreation Centre
* Counsellors
* Massage treatments
* The university library.

Personal fundamentals

Personal development is key to your success as a student-athlete. We'll help you develop the fundamental communication skills, integrity, grit and accountability necessary for excellent sporting and academic performance.


This starts with you, but a unified approach is used to help you to form networks that will assist your progress. Effective communication with those that support YOU is essential. You will develop connections with:
• Lincoln University staff and your Sporting Code Manager
• Your teammates, fellow sports scholars and LUSport
• The wider community, including family and friends


As a high-achieving student-athlete you need to be:
• Honest and consistent of character
• Intent on living by the motto ‘Great people, great community’
• Committed to living the words you speak
• Prepared to put in 100% effort 100% of the time
• Consistent in your preparation, training and performance


Grit is essential for success. You will cultivate:
• A hardworking attitude and the ability to overcome obstacles
• Perseverance, commitment and the ambition needed for reaching goals
• Dedication, determination and discipline
• An attitude that is open and willing to learn


Accountability is an essential component of long-term success. You will learn to:
• Take responsibility for what you have control over, be self-empowered and reliable
• Be organised so that you can complete all aspects of study, training, organisation of work and social life
• Be accountable to yourself, your team and your staff

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