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Develop all of the skills and abilities you will need to excel as an elite basketball player.


Develop all of the skills and abilities you will need to excel as an elite basketball player.
We introduced basketball as a full scholarship sport in 2013. Canterbury Basketball Association will play a major role in assisting you along the path to success. Highly supportive staff and spectacular facilities will be readily available while you study towards an academic qualification.

Basketball scholars

Sam Smith
Basketball player Sam Smith, who hails from Tauranga, entered Lincoln University on a sports scholarship last year and is studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce in accounting and finance.

Sam says basketball in Christchurch is “almost unbelievable” compared to his home association in Tauranga.

“The level of competition is so much higher, with better-quality players and coaches.”

He loves the Lincoln programme’s competitive environment and says the combination of study and sport is well-balanced.

“I was able to succeed in both areas [study and sport] throughout my first year.”

Sam says accounting had been his favourite high school subject, so it was a logical choice to study it at university.

“I want to become a chartered accountant and continue to work in the related field.”

He is also impressed by the fact that the sports scholarship offers financial support as well as training from qualified strength and conditioning experts and nutritional and psychological advice.

As far as his sporting future is concerned, the Lincoln programme has increased Sam’s chances of receiving a scholarship that will allow him to play college basketball in the USA.

“Further into the future, I aim to play basketball at a professional level,” he says.
James Cawthorn
Former Lincoln High School student James Cawthorn, in his second year of a basketball scholarship, is studying towards a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management.

He decided to attend Lincoln University due to the sports scholarship programme, which he became aware of through his association with Canterbury Basketball.

When asked what he enjoys most about the programme, he says: “Friendships and getting better at my sport.”

While he is unsure about what he intends to do when he finishes his degree, he chose his particular course of study because of his passion for sport.

He says the lecturers and staff are approachable, the facilities and courses are of a good standard, and he enjoys the fun activities and events on offer at the University.