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Let us help you to elevate your natural cricketing prowess to a professional level.


Let us help you to elevate your natural cricketing prowess to a professional level.
Our cricket scholarship programme was established in 1998.
A crucial part of this scholarship involves Canterbury Cricket Association Inc working closely with you to develop your abilities.
Staff provide ongoing cricket training and you’ll be able to take advantage of amazing facilities while you study towards your chosen academic qualification.

Cricket scholars

Andrew Ellis, former cricket scholar
First-class cricketer and Christchurch local Andrew Ellis is a former Lincoln University sports scholar.
He came to Lincoln from Shirley Boys’ High School in 2000 to study towards a Bachelor of Commerce and Management.
“I enjoyed the intimate character and personable study environment of Lincoln,” he says.
“I liked the idea of mixing with other athletes from other sports, and I had always wanted to play for Canterbury and New Zealand.
“The sports programme was very manageable, and made so by the environment and culture of the university.
“I chose to study a Bachelor of Commerce and Management because it was broad and covered many career opportunities. Combining study and my sport made me a better sportsman, as I learnt to be organised and self-sufficient.”
Fred Anderson
After finishing secondary school at St Andrew’s College, Fred Anderson began studying towards a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation at Lincoln University, where he was awarded a cricket scholarship.
Asked why he chose to attend Lincoln, the Christchurch-born scholar says: “The University offers an outstanding sports programme, as well as academic courses that appealed to me.
“I have a passion for sport and the Sport and Recreation programme captured my interest as soon as I saw it.
“Lincoln offers a vast variety of courses, which is great, because you can always find a course that suits your interests.”
He says the programme is working wonders at helping him to fine-tune his athletic abilities.
“The scholarship has provided me with a dramatic improvement in my sport, surrounding nutrition, conditioning and skills,” he says. “Becoming a better player has been very enjoyable for me. The cricket programme has been such a good experience, backed up with hard work and a drive to become better.”
Fred finds the staff at Lincoln very helpful and approachable and says the sporting and academic facilities are excellent.
“The staff always put the students first and the sporting and academic facilities are very professional and never too busy.”
Like many young cricketers, Fred’s ultimate goal is to play for the Black Caps. However, he says it is important to combine academic studies with sports training.
“The scholarship programme has found an excellent balance between study and sporting commitments. Life after sport is hugely important and having a degree is vital for a back-up plan.”
Now in his final year of study, Fred intends to play cricket overseas when he finishes his degree.
“After that, I will look for a job in the recreation industry and push into the Canterbury Kings.”
Fred says the friends he has made during his time at the University have helped to make the Lincoln experience a great one.
“The time I spent in the Halls of Residence was something I will never forget. It was a place where I made lifelong friendships.”