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Consider an elite scholarship if you excel in a sport not covered by our specific codes.


Consider an elite scholarship if you excel in a sport not covered by our specific codes.
The Elite Sports Scholarship Programme has been offered since 2007 and is targeted towards applicants who are competing at national and international levels in sports other than the specific codes offered. Support is provided from the Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network.

Elite scholars

Maddy Crowe, former elite scholar, equestrian/eventing
Equestrian Maddy Crowe attended Lincoln University on an elite sports scholarship and completed a Bachelor of Commerce (majoring in Accounting) in 2014.
She chose to attend Lincoln due to the small class sizes and the rural atmosphere surrounding the institution.
“Lincoln is a small university, which makes all of the classes relatively small compared to the rest of the universities in New Zeal¬and,” she says. “The atmosphere also has a rural feel to it, which suited me for my degree and background.”
The former St Margaret’s College student says she enjoyed the support and team environment provided by the sports scholarship programme.
“It is easy to get distracted from your chosen sport when you start university, but the support and structure of the programme helps to keep you motivated.”
Maddy says her sport is time-consuming, and required a minimum of three-to-four hours of training each day while she attended university.
“I had to have a strict schedule in order to get my study completed, but the lecturers and examiners were amazing and very accommodating if you communicated regularly about your sporting commitments.”
She says she has always wanted to be an accountant and eventually aims to specialise in rural accounting.
“Now that I have finished my degree, I want to complete chartered accountancy while I work full-time.”
She was impressed by the wide range of courses available and says there were plenty of options to explore multiple fields of study.
“During my commerce degree, I was able to complete accounting, economics, statistics, management, philosophy, social science, valuation and marketing papers. This kept my mind busy and interested for the duration of my degree.”
She says the recreation centre has the latest equipment, great classes and knowledgeable trainers to help people achieve their goals.
As far as accommodation is concerned, she stayed in Southland Hall for the first year and says she regards the halls experience as one of the best she had at Lincoln University.
“I would recommend it to everyone who is considering it.”
Chris Eaden, former elite scholar, ice hockey
Canterbury Red Devils ice hockey ace Chris Eaden is an alumnus of the Lincoln University Elite Sports Scholarship programme. The former St Andrew’s College student gained a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management in 2012, a qualification he chose due to his “huge passion for fitness”.
The born-and-bred Cantabrian says he loved being able to train full-time while completing his studies.
“The scholarship programme is great, as it helps you to juggle academic studies and your chosen sport at the same time,” he says. “I couldn’t have asked for more understanding people and the campus facilities were top-notch.
“The environment is very laid-back, and I was able to interact with other students and lecturers on a regular basis.”
While he says he appreciated being awarded an elite scholarship for a code not specifically associated with the programme, he would like to see ice hockey achieve more recognition in Canterbury.
He hopes his involvement in the sport will open as many avenues for him as possible and help him to grow as an individual.
In terms of career goals, he says his Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management has equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil his dream of opening a gym.
Reubyn Bisschops, former elite scholar, triathlon
Triathlete Reubyn Bisschops, an elite sports scholar, completed a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management in 2014.
“I love the Lincoln University environment, the small classes, the friendly staff and the great facilities – you have to go there to understand!” she says.
Reubyn decided to study towards a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management because she felt it would offer her flexible work choices.
“It has been a good base course into a wide range of job opportunities.”
As far as the sports scholarship programme is concerned, she said it was great having all the gym and field facilities on campus.
“Also, the lecturers are all really supportive of the scholarship students’ other commitments – for example, if you have a race and assignment due around the same time.”
Reubyn says she enjoyed being associated with the other ‘elite’ coded students, and attending gym sessions together.