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Develop your rowing abilities to a professional level.


Develop your rowing abilities to a professional level.
The rowing scholarship programme was established in 2010. You'll receive training from the Canterbury Rowing Association and access to specialised rowing programmes and facilities as you study towards an academic qualification.
“To study in a high performance environment is the point of difference that makes the Lincoln University Sports Scholarship uniquely valuable for any rower who aspires to excel,” says a representative from the Canterbury Rowing Association.

Rowing scholars

Sam Bosworth
Former Christ’s College student Sam Bosworth entered Lincoln University on a rowing scholarship in 2013 and is working towards a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture.
The idea of attending Lincoln appealed to him due to the University’s rowing facilities, as well as the unique courses offered by the Landscape Architecture department.
“I have always been interested in design,” he says.
He particularly enjoys the environment at Lincoln, the social opportunities the University offers and the rowing support the scholarship provides.
He aims to continue to row for New Zealand after completing his studies, and is also keen to travel.
Asked about his thoughts about the mix of study and sporting commitments, he says: “If you manage your time well, then everything is easier.”
James Moody
Rowing scholar James Moody, of South Auckland, says he chose to attend Lincoln University because he was interested in the courses on offer and had heard “great things” about the sports scholarship programme.
“I felt the Agribusiness course was well suited to me, and could lead to lots of different opportunities,” he says.
When asked what he enjoys most about Lincoln, he says he likes the relatively small size of the institution.
“I enjoy that we are not a massive university, but you can become friends with so many different people,” he says.
“Last year, I stayed in the halls of residence. It was a different experience, being so involved with sports, as I didn’t have the opportunity to go out as often as everybody else did, but I still managed to have a lot of fun.”
He finds the Lincoln University staff helpful and willing to be flexible as far as his sporting commitments are concerned.
He says he enjoys the club atmosphere in the rowing sector of the sports scholarship programme and appreciates the availability of the gym and other facilities for extra training.
“I love rowing and there is a mix of different athletes, which makes it not only fun, but also serious and challenging. In the future, I aspire to row at the Olympics as a lightweight rower.”