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Transferring to Lincoln?

If you already have a tertiary-level qualification, or part of one, you can apply to transfer your academic credit to a Lincoln degree.

What is credit?
Credit is the recognition of previous formal study at another university or equivalent recognised institution that, once transferred, can help reduce the number of courses required to complete a qualification at Lincoln University.
How is credit awarded?
Credit will be awarded at an appropriate level for the content of the qualifying paper. Credit may be:
• for a specified Lincoln University course with a named specific course code;
• specified by level, but not by course (unspecified credit). This type of credit can be used in place of an elective.  
There are rules around how much credit can be transferred and you can find information on our  cross-credit application form .
Contact us
You may like to discuss this with us before making a decision to apply.
Nicola Clark
Student Administration
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