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International tuition fees

If you're an international student, find out what it will cost to study with us.

International tuition fees

If you're an international student, find out what it will cost to study with us.

International tuition fees

The fees for international students beginning study in 2019 are quoted below.

International student fees are programme-based. In other words, there is a set tuition fee for the qualification that you are enrolled in. This is the fee you will pay each year for the minimum time it takes to complete your qualification.

The terms of a Student Visa require most international students to be studying at least three courses each semester. However, if you are aiming to complete your qualification in the minimum time, you may need to enrol in four courses per semester. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your enrolment with Student Administration staff, or your course advisor/supervisor.

To be eligible for domestic tuition fees, you must be either a New Zealand citizen, a New Zealand permanent resident or an Australian citizen.

If you become a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident after the last day to enrol in a semester (as stated in the Calendar), you will be required to pay the full fee applicable to your residency status at that time. If you subsequently furnish official documentation that your residency status has changed, the level of fees payable will be adjusted for subsequent semesters of study.

English Language

Duration Tuition fee
Four-week module $1,800
12-week module $5,400
16-week module $7,200

Pre-degree Programmes

Programme Tuition fee
Certificate in University Studies (one semester/60 credits) $9,400
Diploma in University Studies (semester 1/60 credits) $10,000
Diploma in University Studies (semesters 2 and 3/120 credits) $26,500

Certificate and Diploma Programmes

Programme Tuition fee per 120 credits
Certificate of Proficiency (Undergraduate per course) $3,400
Diploma in Agriculture $20,800
Diploma in Horticulture $20,800
Diploma in Organic Agri-Food Production $20,800
Diploma in Farm Management $26,000
Diploma in Horticultural Management $26,000

Undergraduate Degrees including Honours

Programme Tuition fee per 120 credits (unless specified otherwise)
Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing $29,000
Bachelor of Agricultural Science $30,100
Bachelor of Agriculture $30,100
Bachelor of Commerce - all majors $27,000
Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) $29,000
Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture and Professional Accounting) $28,000
Bachelor of Environment and Society $27,000
Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning $29,100
Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning (Honours) $29,100
Bachelor of Land and Property Management $27,000
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture $32,000
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Grad) (150 credits) $40,000
Bachelor of Science - all majors $30,100
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management $27,000
Bachelor of Tourism Management $27,000
Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology $30,100

Study Abroad

Programme Tuition fee
Study Abroad (one semester/60 credits) $12,500
Study Abroad (two semesters/120 credits) $25,000

Graduate Certificates and Diplomas

Programme Tuition fee
Graduate Certificate in Applied Science and Landscape Studies (one semester/60 credits) $15,300
Graduate Certificate in all other disciplines (one semester/60 credits) $13,500
Graduate Diploma in Applied Science and Landscape Studies (two semesters/120 credits) $29,200
Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies and Viticulture and Oenology (two semesters/120 credits) $28,000
Graduate Diploma in all other disciplines (two semesters/120 credits) $27,000

Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas

Programme Tuition fee
Certificate in Proficiency (Postgraduate per course) $5,400
Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science and Landscape Studies (one semester/60 credits) $16,700
Postgraduate Certificates in all other disciplines (one semester/60 credits) $14,500
Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science, Agricultural Science, Horticultural Science, Landscape Studies, Disaster Risk and Resilience and Water Resource Management (two semesters/120 credits) $33,500
Postgraduate Diplomas in all other disciplines (two semesters/120 credits) $29,200


Programme Tuition fee
Research Master's in Commerce and Tourism (120 credits per year, for 2 years) $29,200
Research Master's in all other disciplines (120 credits per year, for 2 years) $33,500
Taught Masters (120 credits, 1 year) Landscape $33,500
Taught Masters (180 credits, 12 or 18 months) Finance, GMM, IRD,   Prof Acct, Sport & Rec, Tourism $41,000
Taught Masters (180 credits, 12 or 18 months) Disaster, Environmental, Agribusiness, Agriculture, Pest, Science & Food $43,000
Taught Master's (240 credits, 2 years) Planning $57,333

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

International students may be eligible for domestic tuition fees. You must be a resident in New Zealand (apart from temporary absences for the purposes of approved doctoral research) to be classified as a domestic student and pay domestic tuition fees. International PhD students who do not meet the criteria for domestic tuition fees will be charged NZ$33,500 per annum (or part thereof if applicable).

Want more information?
If you require more information about tuition fees, please contact:

If you require information about enrolment or admission, please contact:

Please note: All fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars (NZ$) and include a goods and services tax (GST) of 15%.

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the information is correct, Lincoln University reserves the right to make changes without notification.

International student tuition refund policy

A refund fee of NZ$1,000.00, including GST, will be charged to all international students who request a tuition fee refund as a result of a semester cancellation or withdrawal, or transferal to another educational institution, no later than 21 days after the first day of a full semester or five days after the start of English Language Programmes or Summer School.

This refund fee will also be charged to students who request a refund but have not enrolled or registered.

Students who are currently registered and entitled to a refund that is due solely to an overpayment, which is to be refunded to a New Zealand bank account, will not be charged a refund fee.

All refunds deposited into an overseas bank account will be charged an additional administration fee of $50.00, including GST.

Note: Students who do not cancel or withdraw from an entire semester's enrolment will be entitled to a full refund of fees for that individual course which is dropped.

International student tuition refund policy

To be eligible for a refund of tuition fees, a student must first withdraw within the period specified in the Lincoln University Calendar.

Lincoln University must receive a completed Withdrawal Form signed by the student before any refund can be claimed.  Official withdrawal is recorded as the date that Lincoln University receives a completed withdrawal form.

Refunds will be made only to the overseas bank account which is nominated by the student, or to another registered New Zealand educational institution.

If the student is studying at another institution in New Zealand, which meets the Foreign Student Policy requirements of Immigration New Zealand, the refund will then be transferred to this institution on presentation of a copy of an admission letter that includes the institution’s bank account details.

The refund of any placement fees paid by a student to a recruitment agent will have to be claimed directly from the agent.  Lincoln University is not liable to compensate a student for commission or fees paid to a recruitment agent.

Any commission paid by Lincoln University relating to the student will be deducted from any refund payable.

Students who withdraw from study after the last date to withdraw with a refund will not qualify for a refund of any fees paid.

Responsibility for authorising refunds for any student enrolled at Lincoln University is delegated by the Vice-Chancellor to the Director of Student Administration.  Appeals related to fee refunds should be sent in writing to the Director Student Administration.

As International students are required to enrol in full-time courses of study to meet the requirements of their student visa, any decision to withdraw from a course must first be discussed with Student Administration staff.

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