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Financial Assistance/International Student Loans

Having budgeting issues? Access some support.

Financial Assistance/International Student Loans

Having budgeting issues? Access some support.

Financial Assistance

If you are having money problems, our student financial support fund may be able to help.

To be eligible, you need to demonstrate unusual and special circumstances that cause financial problems making it difficult to undertake study. For more information, please contact the Lincoln University Students' Association.

Other services and options available include:

Scholarships: Lincoln University offers a range of partial and full-tuition fees scholarships.
Budget Advisory Service: This service can help you manage your finances while you study. They can help where you may be spending more than you earn.
StudyLink: They can provide full information on student loans and allowances.

There are also specific student loans available to international students.

International student loans

Below is a list of international student loans available.

United States of America
Lincoln University does not participate in the US Federal Loan program. Lincoln University is not currently registered with a Private Loan provider.
United Kingdom – Professional and Career Development Loan
A Professional and Career Development Loan is a bank loan designed to help you pay for vocational/ work-related learning. You don't have to start paying your loan back until at least one month after you stop training.
You can borrow between £300.00 and £10,000.00 to fund up to two years of study and up to three years if the course contains a Practical Work component.
Who qualifies for a career development loan:
  • 18 years of age or over
  • Ordinarily resident in England, Scotland or Wales with an unlimited right to remain in the UK (you will not qualify for a CDL if your right to remain within the UK is subject to restrictions)
  • Unable to pay for the course yourself
  • Intending to work in the European Union (or Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein) when you have finished your course.
Lincoln University’s Provider Number: 11968
The Canada Student Loans Programme may be able to provide you with a loan that remains interest-free for up to 340 weeks, as long as you are in a University, College, Trade School or Vocational School.
Lincoln University’s Provider EI Code: VUBY
Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
Swedish Financial Aid for Students
Students need to check with their local bank or money lender for details.
Other parts of Asia, South America, Europe, Ireland and the Middle East
Students need to check with their local Ministry of Education.
Any questions?
International Team
PO Box 85094
Lincoln University
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New Zealand
Phone: +64 3 423 0000 or freephone: 0800 10 60 10 (New Zealand only)

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