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Lincoln University Current Students

As a current student at Lincoln, below are some quick links to help you find what you need.

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Time Table

Find out where and when your classes are on.

Key dates

See important dates and deadlines for the academic year.


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Current Students

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As a current student at Lincoln, below are some quick links to help you find what you need.

  • Banner for Important info for 2017 . Lincoln University New Zealand
    Important info for 2017

    If you're returning to study at Lincoln in 2017 here's some info you need to know, along with some quick links.

  • Banner for Key Dates. Lincoln University New Zealand
    Key Dates

    You need to know the deadlines for course applications, when exams start, scholarship deadlines and many others.

  • Banner for LUCAS. Lincoln University New Zealand

    Access to the Lincoln University Campus Administration System (LUCAS).

  • Banner for Learn. Lincoln University New Zealand

    Access the University's learning management system, your essential tool for course details, study advice and campus news and events.

  • Banner for LUSA. Lincoln University New Zealand

    LUSA is the Lincoln University Students' Association which is a body dedicated to providing a great student experience at Lincoln University.

  • Banner for Student Support. Lincoln University New Zealand
    Student Support

    Lincoln has a whole range of support services available on campus to help make your time at Lincoln as enjoyable as possible.

  • Banner for Timetable. Lincoln University New Zealand

    Find out where and when your classes are on.

  • Banner for Academic Transcript. Lincoln University New Zealand
    Academic Transcript

    Request a copy of your academic transcript.

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