Courses A - Z

Each course has a prefix/code and descriptive title.

The prefix denotes the course content and the code denotes the level at which it is taught.

Courses are grouped by discipline and may be taught by staff from more than one of the administrative divisions of the University.


Course codes

Prefix Course
ACCT Accounting
ANSC Animal Science
BICH Biochemistry
BIOS Biological Science
BMGT Business Management
COMM Commerce
COMN Communication
COMP Computing (Information Technology)
DESN Design
ECOL Ecology
ECON Economics
ENGN Engineering
ENTO Entomology
ERST Environmental Studies
FINC Finance
FOOD Food Science
FORS Forestry
HORT Horticulture
LASC Landscape Architecture
LWST Law Studies
LINC Lincoln
MAST Māori Planning and Development
MGMT Management
MICR Microbiology
MIRD International Rural Development
MKTG Marketing
PHIL Philosophy
PHSC Physical Science
PLAN Planning
PLPT Plant Protection
PLSC Plant Science
PSYC Psychology
QMET Quantitative Methods
RECN Recreation
SOCI Social Science
SOSC Soil Science
TOUR Tourism
TRAN Transport
VAPM Valuation and Property Management
WATR Water Resource Management
WINE Viticulture and Oenology
WOSC Wool Science

Course code levels

Code Level
000 Undergraduate Diplomas and Certificates
100 Undergraduate Degree - Year 1
200 Undergraduate Degree - Year 2
300 Undergraduate Degree - Year 3
400 Undergraduate Honours Degree - Year 4; BLA only
600 Postgraduate Honours, Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas, Master's and Doctorate

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