Courses in Valuation and Property Management

Code Description
VAPM 101 Introduction to Property
An introduction to urban and rural property. The physical, legal and economics characteristics of rural and urban property and their markets. The principles of value and property investment. The role of property professionals.
VAPM 201 Principles of Urban Property Management
An introduction to the current scope, various roles and historical development of urban property management. Integration of the principles of property management with a strategic approach to arrive at a property managment plan for a commercial building. The influence of leases, legislative and management on investment property performance. READ MORE
VAPM 205 Real Estate Marketing and Management
A study of the legal, ethical, functional and managerial issues related to real estate brokerage. The marketing process and plans for both individual properties and the brokerage business. Accounting, finance and personnel management in a real estate context. READ MORE
VAPM 207 Principles of Valuation
Application of the principles of both urban and rural valuation with emphasis on residential valuation. Professional requirements. READ MORE
VAPM 208 Principles of Rural Valuation
A study of the concepts of value, and identification of the major factors affecting the value of rural land. The principles underlying the valuation methodologies and analysis for major agricultural land types.
VAPM 308 Property Analytical Methods

The application of research processes to property markets. The sourcing and analysis of market data.

VAPM 309 Property Investment and Portfolio Analysis
The analysis of individual property investments and property investment portfolios from both a financial and strategic point of view. READ MORE
VAPM 310 The Valuation of Investment Property

The principles and methodology for the valuation of urban investment property and their application to industrial and commercial properties.

VAPM 311 Urban Valuation
The valuation of special purpose properties and those imposed by statutory requirements. READ MORE
VAPM 312 Rural Valuation
Reporting and valuation for lending purposes; productive valuations; valuation of use rights; valuation of partial interest in land; establishing land rentals; and the application of valuation concepts within the New Zealand legal framework.


VAPM 313 Property and Facilities Management

Advanced level property and facilities management, strategic management of non-investment corporate real estate assets.

VAPM 314 Property Development
The study and analysis of property development. READ MORE
VAPM 602 Advanced Valuation Methodology

The application of feasibility, market analysis and computerised techniques to the valuation process. Contemporary topics, research and advanced theories of valuation theory and applications.

VAPM 603 Advanced Property Management
The application of feasibility, market analysis and computerised techniques to the valuation process. Contemporary topics, research and advanced theories of valuation theory and applications. READ MORE
VAPM 671 Property Investment and Portfolio Analysis

Investment performance criteria and techniques for evaluating both individual property investments and property portfolios. The structure of property vehicles and the application of portfolio theory in the analysis of risk and return.

VAPM 672 Property Market Analysis

An advanced study of urban property markets, including their causation, operation and the techniques available for their analysis and interpretation.

VAPM 673 Property Asset Management
An in-depth study of strategic property asset management concepts, theories and techniques as applied to individual properties, property investment portfolios and in a corporate real estate setting. READ MORE
VAPM 674 Property Development
The property development process, including analysis of demographic, economic and socio-political forces and their effects, the options for processes of project delivery and the assessment of property development outcomes within a risk environment. READ MORE
VAPM 675 Sustainable Building Practices
Sustainable building practices that enhance environmental performance and property value; a review of the current status of sustainable building practices in NZ; the rating of sustainable buildings and a critical analysis of government policies to increase the uptake of sustainable building practices.

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