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Department of Environmental Management

The Department of Environmental Management promotes the advancement of knowledge, through teaching and research, to sustainably manage the natural and human environment. Central to this is a commitment to an interdisciplinary approach, based on a wide range of staff expertise, which spans:

Environmental Policy and Management

* Coasts
* Environmental economics
* Ecosystem services
* Environmental management systems and business sustainability
* Water resources and engineering

Planning, Policy and Governance

* Cities and regions
* Energy and transport
* International development
* Resilience and sustainability
* Maori and indigenous planning

Lincoln University has been teaching and researching in environmental management since 1973.  The Master of Science (Resource Management) was the first environmental qualification offered in New Zealand.  For a long time, we were the only game in town.  We offered this degree through the Joint Centre for Environmental Sciences, which later transformed into the Centre for Resource Management. Both were joint endeavours with the University of Canterbury (similar to the current Waterways Centre). With autonomy of Lincoln University we were, initially, the Department of Resource Management.

Now known as the Department of Environmental Management, we continue to be widely acknowledged in New Zealand and overseas as an innovator and pioneer in the development of interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes to provide professional training for positions of responsibility in areas of resource management. 

Our students undertake a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research projects and graduate with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to engage effectively with the challenging environmental issues we face. 

Our graduates are in high demand for the growing number of jobs available in this field with, for example, central, regional and local government, a range of consultancy firms, and international organisations. 

So why choose Lincoln?  We’ve been teaching graduates and conducting ground-breaking environmental management research for a very long time.  We have a highly respected track record and we’ve developed important linkages with many organisations that ensure our teaching and research is grounded in real world issues and addresses the needs of real world problems. 

In recognising that we need to question existing pathways and paradigms, we are committed to tackling issues using a range of cutting-edge theoretical and analytical lenses and developing new approaches to environmental management, policy, governance and planning.

Some past graduates - where are they now?

* Denise Church (Former CEO of Ministry for the Environment, now chair of Institute of Environmental Sciences & Research, ESR)
* Geoff Dangerfield (CEO NZTA [until December], formerly CEO at Ministry for Economic Development and Deputy Secretary at the Treasury)
* Mike Jebson (CEO QEII National Trust)
* Eric Pyle: CEO Walking Access Commission
* Nigel Jollands: former Head of the Energy Efficiency Unit at the International Energy Agency. Now Senior Policy Manager at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
* Ross Philipson: 2002-2014 Chief Crown Negotiator for Treaty Settlements
* Penny Nelson: Deputy Secretary Sector Strategy at the Ministry for the Environment

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Head of Department
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Admin Support
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