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Lincoln University Research Dairy Farm

The Lincoln University Research Dairy Farm (LURDF) is used for both research and demonstration– trialling concepts for potential commercial use.

The details of the farm are:
* 250 Friesian x Jersey cows
* 56 hectare farm with Paparua sandy loam soil
* Fully irrigated farm (lateral irrigator and wiper pivot irrigator)
* Advanced milking system with cow identification, herd management system, individual milk flow recording and sample collection facility, plus individual cow in-shed feeding system
* Feed yards and animal handling facilities for small herds and individual cow feeding
* 80 soil lysimeters on farm for environmental monitoring research
* Conducts a combination of component and farmlet research on soils, forages and cows to support all aspects of dairy production
Research areas
Research is conducted by postgraduate students and Lincoln University staff in collaboration with research partners in the following key areas:

* Nutrition, health and welfare of large herds fed on high quality pastures.
* Efficient use of water and nitrogen for pasture, forage and milk production.
* Use of supplements in high quality pastoral systems to enhance milk production and reduce environmental impacts.
* Mitigation of the environmental impacts of dairying through soil, plant and nutrition
* Grazing behaviour, intake and rumen function on different forages and grazing management practices.
* Novel grasses, legumes and systems for increased milk solids production and reduced environmental impact.
* Nutrition and performance of dry cows on different winter forages and utilization systems.
Postgraduate research opportunities
The LUDRF plays a key role in facilitating postgraduate research (PhD, Masters, Honours) in dairy production systems. Research is conducted under supervision of Lincoln University academic staff, mainly from the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
There are opportunities for postgraduate studies in soils, pastures and animals to support dairy production systems. Students interested in research on LURDF should in the first instance check the Postgraduate Entry Requirements webpage to  ensure you meet the prerequisites. If you meet the requirements, contact Professor Grant Edwards to discuss opportunities.
Want more information?
Professor Grant Edwards
+64 3 423 0660

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