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Living on Campus

Accommodation applications are now open for Semester 2 2018! Apply here: MyLinc

Year after year, students tell us how important it is that they started their time at Lincoln by living in the Halls of Residence.
Every year, around 600 students enjoy the experience of living on campus alongside students from around New Zealand and overseas, most of them making friends for life. Find an option that suits you. 
Fully-catered halls
Students reside in the catered halls and enjoy a buffet breakfast, lunch and home-cooked dinner daily in Te Kete Ika’s dining hall.
Self-catered units
All meals are your responsibility, although you can still enjoy dining in Te Kete Ika when you wish to pay for a meal.
Generally, first-year students reside in the catered halls and those that are more mature live in our self-catered flats. However, anyone is welcome in fully-catered - it's great to have all your meals provided for you!
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