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Australian Students

Are you planning to cross the Tasman to study here?

Australian citizens and permanent residents have the same entrance qualifications and pay the same fees as New Zealanders. Your high school qualification will meet our entrance requirements, if it allows you admission to an Australian University.

Admission to a TAFE College will not give you automatic entry, however. In general, you would need to successfully complete at least one year (full-time equivalent) of study at a TAFE College to be accepted into Lincoln University.

You may also be granted credit on the basis of previous tertiary study.

Please apply for credits using the  Application for Assessment of Credit  (PDF 286 KB) application form.
Medical and Travel Insurance

Lincoln University recommends that all Australian Students take out appropriate medical and travel insurance for the duration of their study for the following reasons:

  • Not all Australian Students qualify for publicly funded health care in New Zealand.
  • There are two different categories of Australian students for health purposes: 1) Those who have been, or who intend to be, primarily in NZ for 2 years or more; and 2) those who have been, or will be, in NZ for less than 2 years
  • The first group receive health care as if they were New Zealanders.
  • The second group receive funding for 'immediately necessary medical treatment' but must pay for primary health care.

The Medical and Travel Insurance recommended by Lincoln University provides a wide range of cover for events other than health care. Please review the compulsory insurance information.

Australian students who decide not to take out the recommended Medical and Travel Insurance will be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that they do so against the advice of Lincoln University.

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