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OneFarm, the Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management

OneFarm is a joint venture between Massey and Lincoln Universities, made possible by the support and funding of DairyNZ and the Primary Growth Partnership.

The two universities are combining the capabilities of leading New Zealand researchers, industry experts and rural professionals in order to coordinate the supply of education, training and professional development.
Through industry consultation OneFarm formulates annual research programmes that assist in addressing critical knowledge gaps and aim to improve current thinking in dairy farm business management and on-farm decision making.
Linked to this, and feeding from the outcomes of the research programmes, OneFarm is developing an education and training infrastructure for industry growth in rural professional and farmer farm business capability.

Research Centres

    Lincoln University website redevelopment project 2014
    Nick Goodey - C# back end and SharePoint Developer
    Star Chen - Web Developer
    Karaitiana Taiuru - Web Developer SharePoint administrator
    Ting Wu - Front end Developer
    Jeremy Baker - Senior managment
    Tafflyn Bradford-James Marketing director
    Richard Corby - Project manager
    Pikselin - primary partner, web designers, UX design