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Gene-marker Laboratory

The Gene-Marker Laboratory has been established to undertake research in animal molecular genetics within the Department of Agricultural Sciences at Lincoln University.

The main focus of research is on genetic variation in ruminants, particularly in sheep, and its association with economically important traits, with the aim of developing gene tests for identifying superior animals. The laboratory has international research status and has numerous publications in refereed journals.
The Laboratory is also well equipped to undertake commercial gene-marker testing. Currently six gene-markers are available commercially.

* Footrot gene-marker test (PDF 2 MB)
* Cold tolerance gene-marker test (PDF 178 KB)
* Scrapie genetics test (PDF 2 MB)
* Microphthalmia gene test (PDF 199 KB)
* T+muscling gene test (PDF 374 KB)
* Dermatosparaxis gene test (PDF 316 KB)

For gene-marker testing, blood samples are required to be collected, following the Instructions for Sheep Blood Collection (PDF110KB), on to the Blood Collection Cards (Word 1MB), which are available on request.

For overseas blood samples, a current Ministry of Primary Industries Import Permit  (PDF1MB) must travel with any blood samples that come into New Zealand.

The current turn-around time is ten working days, but urgent testing for a small number of samples can be arranged through the Laboratory. 
Want more information?
Jon Hickford, Gene-Marker Test Director
Huitong Zhou, Laboratory Manager
Laboratory email: Freeman.Fang@lincoln.ac.nz
John Bates, Sheep Breeding Industry Consultant
Telephone: +64 3 448 8345
Mobile: +64 21 995 278
Our Research Collaborators:
Gansu Key Laboratory of Herbivorous Animal Biotechnology, Gansu Agricultural University, China

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