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Practical Work

Many of our programmes on offer, have a practical work component.

It is viewed as an integral aspect of each student's course of study and provides for experiences in a broad range of careers in the discipline associated with the course of study.
Practical work is normally undertaken over summer breaks and is closely linked to lectures in the academic study programme. Along with the academic requirements, practical work is a requirement for many of the qualifications offered at Lincoln University.
While the responsibility for finding practical work rests with the student, the Practical Work Coordinator assists by making contact with a number of employers with whom links have been established. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out a diverse range of practical work.

The concept of practical work

Practical work is an industry initiative detailed in conjunction with Lincoln University and is an essential element within an applied course of study. Any practical work needs to be in an area related to student disciplinary and professional interests.
The practical work experience provides opportunities which will enable students to:
* Understand the day to day operations involved in the business or on the property
* Apply in practice the values, knowledge and concepts acquired through the academic programme
* Broaden concepts and expand knowledge of practical work opportunities
* Gain an appreciation of some of the social and physical environments in which the business or property operates
* Acquire skills and competencies in collecting and analysing information, written and oral communication, interpersonal and personal skills
* Develop management skills in the areas of report writing, written presentations and research
* Gain experiences and knowledge which will assist in clarifying career interests

The practical work process

The Practical Work Unit normally receives offers of work from August each year.
It is the responsibility of students to check that any work, intended as practical work, meets the requirements of practical work for their qualification.
Typically, students seeking practical work will:
* Consult the practical work notice board
* Seek full details from folders within the Practical Work Unit
* Note details of any positions in which you are interested
* Contact the employers in accordance with their instructions
* Undertake practical work
* Submit employer verification of work completed to the Practical Work Unit
* Submit practical work associated assignment(s) to the Practical Work Unit.
Note: Employer verification and practical work assignments are required by the annual due date of 31st March each year for returning students.
Final year students must have submitted all employer verification of practical work and assignment(s) by 20 February immediately prior to graduation. Any practical work documentation received after 20 February will not be considered for graduation that year.

Programmes with a practical work component

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Star Chen - Web Developer
Karaitiana Taiuru - Web Developer SharePoint administrator
Ting Wu - Front end Developer
Jeremy Baker - Senior managment
Tafflyn Bradford-James Marketing director
Richard Corby - Project manager
Pikselin - primary partner, web designers, UX design