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Undergraduate courses

Our undergraduate Summer School courses start in either November or January and are open to both new and returning students. The timetable for these courses is currently being finalized and will be updated when available.


Full Summer School 2018/2019

Course Course description Weeks Day/Time Lecture room
*Land, People and Economies
An introduction to the fundamental principles and multiple dimensions of people-land relationships.
* This Full Summer School course is targeted to students undertaking Lincoln University's university preparation programmes.


November 2018 Undergraduate Summer School

Course Course description Day/Time Lecture room
BMGT116 Principles of Management 
An introduction to the concept of global value chains from the structure of enterprises to defining a businesses relationships with its environment, other business's, customers and employees.
COMM112 Financial Information for Business
Analysing and applying financial information to a business context.
ECON 113 Economies and Markets
How markets operate at the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels.
COMM201 Managing People 
Planning, leading, organising and controlling human resources in a global business environment.
LINC 201 Sustainable Futures
A critical discussion of sustainability issues in a contemporary global framework with an interdisciplinary focus on global sustainable futures with references to social, environmental, cultural and economics aspects of sustainability.
PSYC102 Introduction to Social Psychology 
An introduction to human social behavior emphasizing the interactions between individuals and groups. Social cognition; person perception, attributions, attitudes, social judgement biases. Group behavior: group influence, ingroups and outgroups, group processes.



Enrolment for all 2019 courses opens 1 October, 2018.  The following courses were offered in 2018.

January 2019 Undergraduate Summer School

Course Course description Day/Time Lecture room
COMM111 Transforming Data into Information
An introduction to statistics with an emphasis on practical applications and problem solving in commerce.
LWST114 Introduction to Commercial Law
The legal framework; an introduction to business, contract, employment, privacy and property laws; the concept of agency and the nature of torts.
DESN101 Digital Tools for Design
An introduction to range of software applications used in design, including CAD, GIS, graphics and image editing.
DESN103 Visual Communication
An introduction to the communication of design ideas using a range of graphic formats.
MKTG115 Principles of Marketing
An introduction to processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and pricing products that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.


PHSC101 Chemistry IA
An introduction to atomic theory and periodicity; chemical quantities and equilibria. Organic chemistry.
QMET201 Biometrics (tentative)
Populations and samples, estimation, analysis of variance, experimental design, regression, correlation and covariance, contingency tables, sampling methods. An introduction to computers and package usage.




TOUR101 Introduction to Tourism
An introduction to the tourism industry including discussion of tourism's global, national and regional significance, its various contributing industry sectors and the major development and management issues.


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