Industry welcomes return of parks and recreation major

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Industry welcomes return of parks and recreation major

15/12/2017 11:30:00 a.m.

Parks and Recreation Senior Lecturer Stephen Espiner and Associate Professor Emma Stewart are delighted with the return of the unique major, which the University offered from 2008 to 2014, as they say it will help to meet a greater demand for skilled workers in the sector.
“The study of parks and outdoor recreation is critical to the management of the planet’s resources,” says Dr Espiner. “Parks and protected areas have great cultural and economic significance in New Zealand and internationally.”
Dr Espiner says more jobs for qualified graduates are opening up in the sector due to central government’s pledge to invest $76m in infrastructure for the Department of Conservation as part of a $178m tourism infrastructure package.
Recent recreation sector research also concludes that a greater number of skilled workers is required in the field, and the Lincoln major is the only one of its kind available in New Zealand.
“There are no other university degrees where students can study the specialisation of parks and outdoor recreation,” says Dr Stewart.
“Other universities offer individual courses that deal with related aspects of parks, outdoor recreation, nature-based tourism and outdoor education, but there has been no development of a coherent suite of courses in this important area.”
The re-introduction of the qualification has also been endorsed by industry, with the Parks Unit of Christchurch City Council saying they would “welcome a larger pool of qualified people in this area available to fill various park planning and management roles”.
“Christchurch has a growing population and an increasing number of parks to manage.”
A senior parks planner at the Selwyn District Council says the major is “a critical component of meeting our future parks and recreational planning needs”.
“Council is of the belief that there is real value in the continued offering of a qualification in parks and outdoor recreation at the undergraduate level, particularly as Lincoln University is local to Selwyn.”
The private sector also has an increasingly important role in delivering outdoor recreation experiences within parks settings. A senior manager of Christchurch’s Adventure Park says “finding people with the passion and enthusiasm for industry is one thing but it is often difficult to find suitably qualified individuals”.
“This major would go a long way to making the outdoors a viable career field.”
The major in Parks and Outdoor Recreation aims to give a comprehensive programme to students who want to complement degrees in areas such as sport and recreation, tourism management, nature conservation and environmental planning.

DOC offers scholarships to talented students

The Department of Conservation (DOC) is also providing a boost to the discipline from 2018 by offering a number $5000 scholarships to talented Lincoln Bachelor degree students undertaking the major. 
DOC is looking for qualified individuals who can think and plan strategically for tourism on a landscape scale. DOC is also interested in graduates with multi-disciplinary skills in general management, working with iwi, whanau and hapu, visitor and facilities management and partnering skills to help DOC work with others to grow conservation.
To qualify for one of these scholarships, students will need to have a good academic record, as well as aspirations of working in the conservation, parks, outdoor recreation or related fields. Additionally, they are expected to provide evidence of active participation in this area.
Successful applications will need to report on their progress, meet with the sponsor and attend sponsor meetings at the request of Lincoln University.
The parks and outdoor recreation field will benefit from an increase in qualified employees over the next few years as Lincoln University re-introduces the subject in the form of an undergraduate additional major.
ADDMAJ - Lincoln Bachelor Degree Additional Majors
BAFM - Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing
BAG - Bachelor of Agriculture
BAGSCI - Bachelor of Agricultural Science
BCom - Bachelor of Commerce
bcomag - Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)
BComAgPACC - Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture and Professional Accounting)
BEM - Bachelor of Environmental Management
BEPP - Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning (Honours)
BES - Bachelor of Environment and Society
BLA - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
BLAGrad - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Graduate Entry)
BLPM - Bachelor of Land and Property Management
BSc - Bachelor of Science
BSCFS - Bachelor of Science Food Science
BSRM - Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management
BTM - Bachelor of Tourism Management
BVO - Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology
CoP - Certificate of Proficiency
CUS - Certificate in University Studies
DipAgr - Diploma in Agriculture
DipApplSc - Diploma in Applied Science
dipcom - Diploma in Commerce
DipHort - Diploma in Horticulture
DipNatRes - Diploma in Natural Resources
DipOAFP - Diploma in Organic Agri-Food Production
DUS - Diploma in University Studies
farmmgt - Diploma in Farm Management
hortmgt - Diploma in Horticultural Management
ELS - English Language
GCAcadEng - Graduate Certificate in Academic English
GCApplSc - Graduate Certificate in Applied Science
GCBS - Graduate Certificate in Business and Sustainability
GCCom - Graduate Certificate in Commerce
GCLS - Graduate Certificate in Landscape Studies
GCRM - Graduate Certificate in Recreation Management
GCRS - Graduate Certificate in Resource Studies
GCTourMgt - Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management
GDApplSc - Graduate Diploma in Applied Science
GDBS - Graduate Diploma in Business and Sustainability
GDCom - Graduate Diploma in Commerce
GDLS - Graduate Diploma in Landscape Studies
GDPropMgt - Graduate Diploma in Property Management
GDRM - Graduate Diploma in Recreation Management
GDRS - Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies
GDTourMgt - Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management
GDVO - Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology
GradDipVal - Graduate Diploma in Valuation
BAgrScHons - Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours
BCom(H) - Bachelor of Commerce with Honours
BEM(Hons) - Bachelor of Environmental Management with Honours
BEPPHons - Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning with Honours
BES (Hons) - Bachelor of Environment and Society with Honours
BLA(H) - Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honours
BSc(H) - Bachelor of Science with Honours
BSRM(Hons) - Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management with Honours
BTM(Hons) - Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours
BVO(Hons) - Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Honours)
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
PCApplSc - Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science
PCCom - Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce
PCEnvMgmt - Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management
PCIRD - Postgraduate Certificate in International Rural Development
PCLAS - Postgraduate Certificate in Land and Society
PCLS - Postgraduate Certificate in Landscape Studies
PCPRT - Postgraduate Certificate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PDAgSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science
PDAppSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science
PDCom - Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce
PDEnvMgmt - Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management
PDHortSc - Postgraduate Diploma in Horticultural Science
PDIRD - Postgraduate Diploma in International Rural Development
PDLAS - Postgraduate Diploma in Land and Society
PDLS - Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Studies
PDPRT - Postgraduate Diploma in Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PDWRM - Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management
PGDip (DRR) - Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Risk and Resilience
MAgrSc - Master of Agricultural Science
MAppSc - Master of Applied Science
MCM - Master of Commerce and Management
MCm(A) - Master of Commerce (Agricultural)
MHSc - Master of Horticultural Science
MLA Research - Master of Landscape Architecture (Research)
MNRMEE - Master of Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering
MSc - Master of Science
MWRM - Master of Water Resource Management
mbusfinance - Master of Business (Finance)
MBusGMM - Master of Business (Global Management and Marketing)
MDDR - Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience
MEPM - Master of Environmental Policy and Management
MIRD - Master of International Rural Development
MLA Taught - Master of Landscape Architecture (Taught)
MMgmtAgrib - Master of Management in Agribusiness
MMgtAgrSys - Master of Management in Agricultural Systems
MPA - Master of Professional Accounting (CPA)
MPlan - Master of Planning
MScFI - Master of Science in Food Innovation
MSRM - Master of Sport and Recreation Management
MTM - Master of Tourism Management
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