Japanese students get taste of New Zealand

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Japanese students get taste of New Zealand

Japanese students get taste of New Zealand

 Japanese students get a taste of New Zealand during Lincoln visit

Lincoln alumnus Yoshi Uchida, an assistant professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at Japan’s Hokkaido University, is back for his third trip with his students to give them a taste of Kiwi life that he had enjoyed himself.

12/03/2018 9:30:00 a.m.
He is spending two weeks on campus with eight students, and hopes it will encourage them to try overseas study themselves when they get to postgraduate level.

He started his Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Lincoln in 2002, with an Honours in Soil Science, and finished his PhD in 2010.

When he began teaching he realised that many Japanese students were eager to study in English, but they needed a lot of assistance to make their dream come true. Based on his experience, he thought Lincoln University could provide a perfect opportunity for them.

The trip is part of a learning satellite programme from Hokkaido University and the students would practice their English in a real-life setting.

However he also wants them to compare New Zealand life with life in Japan, in a variety of areas outside of education- comedy, public holidays and origin myths.

He wanted to integrate them with their Kiwi counterparts and had enlisted the help of some Lincoln students, for which he would offer some credits from his own University.

All the visiting students are Agriculture undergraduates, and Yoshi wanted to show them the different types of research and practice in New Zealand, and this included visits to Landcare Research and Lincoln’s own research farm, Ashley Dene.

They also stay in Kiwi homes, so they would have to communicate in English and experience the culture.

He said it is an eye-opener for some of his students, with some never having been out of Japan, and having to get passports for the first time.

Yoshi said he had noticed a change in his students in previous trips, even after such a short visit.

Head of Programme, English Language, at Lincoln, Daryl Streat, said it was a big step for the students

“We feel honoured they have chosen Lincoln to help them build an awareness of study overseas. Even though they are only with us for a short time, their presence adds to the international community on our campus.”
Image: The students listen to Landcare Research's Scott Graham on a visit there.