Study trip makes Indonesian headlines

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Study trip makes Indonesian headlines

25/01/2018 2:00:00 p.m.

Sixteen students are currently in Indonesia on the second Asian Agribusiness Summer School.

Supported by scholarships from the Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia, and led by Professor Hugh Bigsby, its purpose is to introduce students to Indonesian culture, language, and business.

They use this knowledge to develop ideas for import and export opportunities between New Zealand and Indonesia. 
National media in Indonesia have so far covered the group attending a cooking class to learn about Indonesian food as well as their visits to local villages to learn about local “economic empowerment”.
Excursions to a modern market and tile market (traditional market) to analyse economic developments and discover products with the potential to be exported to New Zealand, have been highlighted as well.
The group has also participated in traditional dance exercises, and tried traditional games.
The students have dined with the New Zealand Ambassador to Indonesia, Dr. Trevor Matheson, and the Honorary Consul of New Zealand in Surabaya, Mr Harry Sunogo, as well as a number of local businesses with New Zealand links. 

The programme has now moved to Brawijaya University in Malang for two weeks, before a final two weeks in Bogor at Bogor Agriculture University.
Student Tim Craig was quoted as calling the introduction of “local cultural wisdom” an extraordinary experience for him.
The first trip to Indonesia was in November 2016, while another Lincoln group has visited China.

Some of the news articles:
Lincoln University students on a summer school field trip have been catching the attention of Indonesian media.
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