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Surprise Sevens selection for student

12/05/2017 10:00:00 a.m.

Focusing on a balanced life between sports, study, and family and friends is paying off for Lincoln University student Jesse Houston, who has been called into the All Black Sevens squad for the Paris and London IRB Tournaments.

The sports scholar credits the intensive training and the support he receives from the University as being crucial to being able to maintain that balance and succeed on the field.

He had made a goal to make a New Zealand training camp, which he did in November last year.

“I must have made my name stick on their bit of paper,” he said, and was picked for another camp on April 30.

After a lot of injuries in the Sevens squad he was named for the tournaments.

The 19 year-old Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) student said he was surprised to have achieved this so young.

“I didn’t expect this until I had a few more years of experience.”

He says rugby keeps him motivated, and wants to make a career from the sport.

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