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About LEaP

LEaP is based in the Faculty of Environment, Society and Design at Lincoln University and draws on the unique range of disciplines that combine scholarly understanding, critique, creativity and problem solving. As such it also integrates expertise and knowledge from other Faculties, currently grouped into eight Research Themes.

The mission statement of LEaP is:

A network for creating and sharing knowledge.
Partnerships are essential to further research and to address global and local issues. LEaP is building on existing networks and aspires to create new links, both between research organisations and research providers and users.

Strategic goals

  1. Undertake high quality interdisciplinary theoretical and applied research and critique of the changing relationships within and between society and the environment.
  2. Promote stewardship, health and wellbeing of the environment, society and its diverse cultures, through our educational and research activities.


LEaP Director: Dr Shannon Page
LEaP Deputy Director: Professor Simon Swaffield

Michelle Collings

Research undertaken within LEaP can be accessed by Research Themes


LEaP provides independent scholarly critique in the areas of expertise expressed in the research themes. The links and documents on the LEaP website have been compiled to encourage open debate, and to share and create new knowledge.

The material available on this site is the responsibility of the individual author or authors and does not necessarily represent the views of other LEaP researchers or Lincoln University. Links connecting this site with other sites do not necessarily mean that LEaP endorses or approves those other sites, their content or the people who run them.

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