Urban Ecology
Maria Ignateiva

Low Impact Urban Design and Development (LIUDD): An investigation into sustainable urban form, in association with LandCare Research Ltd (Funded by the Foundation for Science Research and Technology).

Part of an international network of urban ecology projects.


Environmental Asset Management of Highways
Simon Swaffield with [Post Doc] Jude Wilson in collaboration with Landcare Research Ltd to enhance the management of environmental values along the road corridor of state highways for NZTA.


Globalisation and the sustainability of agricultural landscapes
Simon Swaffield in collaboration with Professor Jorgen Primdahl, University of Copenhagen.

A critical and comparative analysis of the way that the global open market and sustainability agendas shape local agricultural landscapes in advanced economies, and the public policy responses. The project incorporates comparative case studies from associates in a range of OECD countries [Denmark, Estonia, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, UK, USA].

Globalisation and Agricultural Landscapes Change Patterns and Policy Trends in Developed Countries.  Cambridge University Press. 2010.


Sustainability Indicators for Structre Planning
Hannah Ayres, Pene Burns, Tim Church, Shannon David and Simon Swaffield

Project co-sponsored by Lincoln University and Boffa Miskell Ltd, under NZ Government Summer Scholarship Programame, to identify opportunities to improve and benchmark best practice in NZ. 


Globalisation of Landscape Architecture
Maria Ignateiva with Jacky Bowring, Shelley Egoz.

A series of international conferences and proceedings exploring the globalisation of landscape architecture and its implications for design practice.


Le Notre Mundus
Simon Swaffield and Jacky Bowring

An international network of Landscape Architecture programmes, based in Europe but with partner Universities worldwide, focused upon promoting cooperation in education and research into the planning and design of rapidly changing cities and cultural landscapes.


Landscape Architecture and Climate Change
Simon Swaffield in collaboration with Professor Carys Swanwick, University of Sheffield UK

Development of an educational and research agenda for landscape architecture in response to the imperatives of climate change. Literature review, key informant survey and forthcoming conference presentation to the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools annual meeting SLU Alnarp Sweden Sept 12-14 2008.

Summary of key information responses and a prospoed agenda:  IFLA News 19 November 2008.


Research Strategies for Landscape Architecture
Simon Swaffield in collaboration with Professor Elen Deming, University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign, USA.

A co-authored textbook for senior undergraduates, postgraduates and practitioners.  John Wiley and Sons, NY [Forthcoming 2011]




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