Energy & society


The Energy and Society theme focuses on the energy services demanded by society, and how these services can be met given the twin challenges of energy security and need to address environmental impacts such as climate change. Although increasing renewable energy supplies is a vital part of the solution, understanding how these services can be met with less energy input is equally important. The theme encompasses economic, technical and social elements.


Towards a renewable electricity system Electricity generation is a major contributor to global green house gas emissions, particularly from coal fired power plants.  Using NZ as a case study, this project examines mechanisms that would allow the supply to be largely renewable, and an increased amount of transport services to be switched to the electricity system.

Energy technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions A number of emerging energy technologies and energy systems have been proposed that would reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuel, hence reduce green house gas emissions.  This project examines a number of these, taking into account technical feasibility, progress to date and policy implications.
Tourism and Oil Tourism is an important sector contributing 19% to New Zealand’s export revenue. At the same time, tourism is extremely dependent on oil for both travel to and within New Zealand.  This project identified high-yielding adaptation measures for tourism to respond to global oil prices.
Peak Oil Think Tank In recent years there has been growing and well-founded concern that the world is reaching (or has already) ‘peak’ or ‘plateau’ of global oil production.  In 2010 LEaP Think Tank was formed to raise awareness of the seriousness of peak oil for New Zealand and to provide relevant knowledge to assist strategic planning for a transition to a low carbon economy.



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