Lincoln University Staff

Suzanne Vallance
Senior Lecturer in Urban Studies

Roy Montgomery
Head of Department - Environmental Management, Senior Lecturer

Hamish Rennie
Senior Lecturer Environmental Management and Planning  

Michael Mackay
Senior Lecturer

Andreas Wesener
Lecturer in Urban Design

Simon Swaffield
Professor of Landscape Architecture

Shannon Davis
Lecturer in Landscape Architecture

Shannon Page


Research Fellows

Professor Ali Memon


Postgraduate Students and Research topics

Name (Degree) Research topic Supervisors
Michelle Ruske (MEP)  : A comparative policy analysis between Christchurch and Copenhagen Shannon Page
Ann Brower
Tom Williams (MRS) Cycling and safty: Shannon Page
Crile Doscher
Rhodella Ibabao (PhD) Emerging Planning Practices of Civil Society Groups in IloIlo City, Philippines Suzanne Vallance
Ali Memon
Glenys Drury (MLA) Contested landscapes of urban design: An exploration into integrating community and red-light districts Simon Swaffield
Andreas Wesener
Dale Harrop (MLA) An evaluation of Urban Interventions in Addington, Christchurch and their effect on the experience of urbanity Shannon Davis
Andreas Wesener
Ian Tucker Peach (International MLA exchange student; Cornell University, USA) Transitional Spaces: Applying participant observation research methods for analysing the design and construction of transitional community-initiated open spaces (CIOS) in Christchurch, NZ Andreas Wesener

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