Research undertaken in the Energy and Society research theme has been largely funded by the New Zealand Government. The Tourism and Oil project is a three-year project to investigate tourism’s dependency on oil and explore ways of reducing exposure to increasing global oil prices. The Public Perceptions of New Zealand's Environment project is ongoing and involves a biannual survey of New Zealand residents and their views of the environment. It is jointly funded by the Ministry for the Environment and the Department of Conservation. A current Royal Society Teacher Fellowship supports research into the development of an environmental footprinting tool for primary school students.

In the area of Climate Change and Tourism, research has been undertaken for the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, the European Union (in partnership with the University of the South Pacific), and the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (in partnership with Trip consultants). This research involved climate change mitigation, adaptation options and appropriate policies for tourism to address climate change. Currently, LEaP researchers partner with the Sustainable Tourism CRC in Australia on understanding the impacts of climate change at major tourist destinations, including biophysical and socio-economic impacts.

The global geopolitics of climate change and oil are another focus in this research theme.  Some projects are set in a tourism context. For more information on tourism research undertaken within LEaP, please follow the link (Tourism, Business & Communities).



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