Towards a renewable electricity system

Globally, 75% of electricity is generated from fossil fuels, primarily coal.  Generation from renewable sources comprises only 9%, the rest from nuclear.  In New Zealand 70% of electricity is already generated from renewable sources, predominately Hydro.  As New Zealand is isolated (grid wise) and an increasing amount of variable renewable generation (mainly wind) is being installed, New Zealand makes and ideal case study for examining the shift from fossil to renewable based electricity. 

The focus of this research project is understanding and overcoming barriers to increased renewable electricity generation using New Zealand as a case study.  Specific areas of investigation include

  • System modelling – half hourly supply-demand modelling incorporating transmission constraints, demand side management, and decreased fossil generation
  • Demand side management – potential for increased response during peak demand times and in the context of increased variability from additional renewable generation
  • Electrification of Transport – Quantifying the energy and power demand due to electrification of public/private transport services 
  • NZ Electricty system - click to view


Lincoln Staff

Dr. Shannon Page

Dr.  Jean-Paul Thull


Research Fellows

Dr Ian Manson - Canterbury University

Professor Arthur Williamson - Canterbury University





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