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The 7th ‘edition’ of the environmental perceptions survey  - Public Perceptions of New Zealand's Environment: 2013 is available. This is the first edition based on an e-survey, and that fact alone has posed some challenges to think about ‘going forward’.

Natural resource management

Evironmental Management & Planning logoThroughout the world people are faced with an ever-widening range of serious environmental issues such as resource allocation and depletion, pollution of air and water, and climate change. The use of natural systems as resources raises complex issues of sustainability, environmental and community integrity, security, efficiency and equity.

Many environmental conflicts stem from inadequate understanding about the way our human and natural worlds interrelate. This can lead to inappropriate and unsustainable use of the environment and its resources. These are local, national and global challenges. 

This research theme involves researchers working on understanding the interrelationships between the ecological, social (including cultural) and economic aspects of the environment, and exploring and developing effective management and planning responses. 

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