A selection of recent journal and conference papers are listed below.  See also LEaP publications, and the projects Prioritising river values and Public Perceptions of NZ's Environment for publications available for download.


Hughey KFD, Becken S. Understanding climate coping as a basis for strategic climate change adaptation – The case of Queenstown-Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. Global Environmental Change 27:168-179 Jul 2014 (Journal article)

Hughey KFD, Rennie HG, Williams NJ. New Zealand's 'wild and scenic rivers': Geographical aspects of 30 years of water conservation orders. NEW ZEALAND GEOGRAPHER 70(1):22-32 Apr 2014 (Journal article)

Duncan R. Converting Community Knowledge into Catchment Nutrient Limits: A Constructivist Analysis of a New Zealand Collaborative Approach to Water Management. NATURE + CULTURE 8(2):205-225 2013 (Journal article)

Kerr GN, Abell W. Big game hunting in New Zealand: per capita effort, harvest and expenditure in 2011-2012. NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY 41(2):124-138 03 Apr 2014 (Journal article)

Ming’ate FLM, Rennie HG, Memon A. Potential for co-management approaches to strengthen livelihoods of forest dependent communities: A Kenyan case. Land Use Policy 41:304-312 Nov 2014 (Journal article) 

Rennie H. The Selwyn Waihora catchment: A triumph for collaborative management?. Resource Management Journal 31-35 Apr 2014 (Journal article)

Rennie H, Orchard S, Peryman B. Applying an effects-based approach to the sustainable management of surf breaks. Planning Quarterly 193:11-13 2014 (Journal article) 



Hughey KFD. Development and Application of the River Values Assessment System for Ranking New Zealand River Values. WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 27(7):2013-2027 May 2013 (Journal article)

Hearnshaw EJS, Hughey KFD. A novel tolerance range approach for the quantitative assessment of ecosystems. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 420:13-23 15 Mar 2012 (Journal article)

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Beville ST, Kerr GN, Hughey KFD. Valuing impacts of the invasive alga Didymosphenia geminata on recreational angling. ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS 82:1-10 Oct 2012 (Journal article)

Kerr GN, Swaffield SR. Identifying Cultural Service Values of a Small River in the Agricultural Landscape of Canterbury, New Zealand, Using Combined Methods. SOCIETY & NATURAL RESOURCES 25(12):1330-1339 2012 (Journal article)  

Makgill RA, Rennie HG. A Model for Integrated Coastal Management Legislation: A Principled Analysis of New Zealand's Resource Management Act 1991. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARINE AND COASTAL LAW 27(1):135-165 2012 (Journal article)


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