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Cruise Ship Tourism


Cruise ShipThe Christchurch City Council has engaged Lincoln University to undertake visitor research in Akaroa to assess the tourism carrying capacity of the township.  The project has been driven by the arrival of two cruise ships to Akaroa on Boxing Day 2008 and in mid January 2009.  The arrivals will potentially put significant pressure on the existing infrastructure and services at a time when the township is already very busy.The aspect of 'seasonality' in tourism will be a central focus of this project.

For more detail please contact:

Ray Sleeman: ray.sleeman@tourismleisuregroup.co.nz   or
Michelle Collings: collingm@lincoln.ac.nz     or
Susanne Becken : beckens@lincoln.ac.nz

South Pacific Action Strategy for Green Tourism

In response to growing concern about climate change, Southpacific.travel (formerly the South Pacific Tourism Organisation) contracted Lincoln University staff and TRIP consultants to prepare a climate change strategy for tourism in the South Pacific. The project involved consultation in Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Fiji and Papua New Guinea (2007).

Download the workshop presentation here.

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Tourism Flows Model

The Tourism Flows Model (TFM) was built by the Ministry of Tourism, and managed by S. Becken as part of a secondment agreement between Lincoln University and the Ministry of Tourism. The TFM is a spatial analysis tool that helps tourism stakeholders understand the impact of tourism growth on publicly provided infrastructure. The TFM is now available online, click here.

The purpose of the TFM is to represent the dynamics of tourism visually and to facilitate informed decision-making on where to invest and where to adopt pro-active policy, planning and resource allocation practices. This will ensure that future growth in tourism results in optimum outcomes for New Zealand.

The TFM takes information from two surveys within the core tourism dataset and brings them together with other datasets to build a picture of current and future tourism flows in New Zealand.

The dynamic tourism flows component which provides past, present and future estimates of tourist movement in New Zealand, and The static tourism activity component which provides past, present and future estimates of tourism activity within specific areas of New Zealand.


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