South Pacific Tourism and Climate Change

Adaptation for the Tourism Sector in Fiji (2005-2007)

Tourism has become an increasingly important economic sector in Fiji that brings foreign exchange earnings, employment and regional development. At the same time, the Fiji tourism industry faces major issues resulting from climate change, such as shoreline and beach erosion, temporarily reduced water availability, interrupted supply chain, coral bleaching, and physical damage to property.

The Ministry of Tourism, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation and the United Nations Environment Programme are working on a project to reduce tourism’s vulnerability from climatic impacts by implementing adaptation initiatives.

The project will contribute to the long term viability and sustainability of tourism in Fiji

A project development has been approved by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF), and as part of this the Ministry of Tourism is holding a stakeholder workshop on the 2/3 May at the Holiday Inn in Suva. Participants represent key Government agencies, industry representatives, research organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and aid agencies. The purpose of the workshop is to engage stakeholders for further project coordination, gather information on available studies and policy-documents, identify climate change impacts and adaptation options in tourism, and assess capacity building and policy needs.

A full proposal for a 3-year project will be submitted to GEF in August. This is the first time that a GEF project addresses explicitly the tourism sector, therefore Fiji will be a key pilot destination to produce knowledge and experience about adaptation to climate change, which will serve also for other island nations and coastal destinations around the world. The full project will aim at strengthening institutional capacities, national policies and public-private partnerships for the implementation of on-the ground adaptation measures. Suitable demonstration areas will be identified and selected for this purpose in the Fiji islands.

Overview document:
This research built on earlier work undertaken in 2004, which aimed to enhance understanding of climate change issues associated with tourism in Fiji in terms of adaptation, mitigation and policy/regulatory impacts.

Collaboration between Lincoln University, Landcare Research and the University of the South Pacific under the 8th EDF grant (2004).

Final Report: Becken, S. (2004). Climate change and tourism in Fiji. Vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation. Final Report. University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji.


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