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Research at Lincoln University

A lab at lincolnLincoln University has a key advantage in its ability to link research in commerce, physical, biological and social sciences with technology to address national and international issues and needs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to attract significant research funding from both government and private investors.

This enables us to work with key research partners providing expertise and research in a number of areas.

LincolnConnect plays a significant role in connecting the research of the University with businesses and organisations. If you would like to collaborate with Lincoln University contact Sam Yu .

The Research and Commercialisation Office plays a significant role in our delivery of excellence and relevance in education, training and research management.

Research themes have been established to highlight our strengths and demonstrate our ability to meet the needs of government agencies and industry clients.

Research centres have been set up within each theme to do the actual research work.

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Learn more about research at Lincoln University

Dr Crile Doscher  talks about his research using GIS and the water lab to model Lake Forsyth.


Dr Glen L Creasy  and Patricio Mejias Barrera talk about their research on glass mulches in vineyards.

Dr Victoria Metcalf , lecturer in animal genetics, discusses her research on Antarctic marine life and climate change.


Dr  Gary Steel talks about his research in Antarctica.


Professors  Hong Di and Keith Cameron  talk about their research in the underground lab.


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