Photo of the rock stacks in the Peace GardenLincoln University has two Ethics Committees - the Animal Ethics Committee as well as the Human Ethics Committee.  Both committees aim to promote excellence in ethical animal and human research.


Animal Ethics Committee

The Animal Ethics Committee at Lincoln University has a  Code of Ethical Conduct for the Use of Animals (CEC).  The purpose is to ensure that all research and teaching at Lincoln University and by ‘parented’ organisations/persons is conducted in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and to describe the operation of the University Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).  The Animal Ethics Committee can also approve research done by external organisations. More information can be found on the Animal Ethics Webpage.

Human Ethics Committee 

The aim of the Human Ethics Committee is to ensure that all research at Lincoln University which involves human participants meets established ethical standards.  The Committee also aims to educate staff on the needs and requirements for ethically-sound research and teaching practices and to ensure high ethical standards of research are maintained and minimise any risk of liability by those doing research projects involving human subjects.  More information can be found on the Human Ethics Webpage.



Page last updated on: 30/04/2012