Performance Based Research Fund

Photo of a research notebookLincoln University gets some of its research funding from the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF)

The Fund, administered by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), acknowledges and rewards excellence in research. 

The net result of all three components below in 2006 was a 65 percent increase in research funding for Lincoln as a result of the PBRF assessment. This was the highest percentage net change in income relative to forecast Degree Top Up funding of the eight universities in New Zealand.

Staff quality determines 60 percent of funding.

  • This is measured through Evidence Portfolios (EP). These are research CV's comprised of publications, peer esteem and contribution to the research environment.
  • Each EP is rated by the relevant Peer Review Panel, A, B, C, C(NE), R or R(NE).

Research degree completions account for a quarter of all funding.

  • This is based on the number of Master's and PhD students who complete their degree in any one year.
  • In the 2006 funding round Lincoln was ranked second in the country in this category.

External research income won competitively from external providers makes up the rest.

  • It determines how much of the remaining 15 percent of funding is distributed to each institution.
  • In 2005 Lincoln recorded external funding of NZ$76,068 per full-time employee, the highest of any university in New Zealand.

For more information, contact

Research and Commercialisation Office
Phone DDI: 64 3 423 0814 
Email: Mary Cosson


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